Research and Technology Administration Office

Established and supervised by university leaders in June, 2004, Research and Technology Administration Office is responsible for grant application, research progress monitoring, revision of research expenditure, collection of research output and application, registration and protection of IP, publication of journal in the university. Over the past two years, RTAO has assisted research projects in acquiring funding from Macao foundations, government and other commercial institutions. Fields for those research projects include: Chinese Medical health care, biological medicine, Computer network and communications, computer diagram and image technology, Space exploration techniques, Laser and radar, international law, Macau Law issues, cultural heritage as well as tourism gaming. In order to reflect MUST academic research work and achievement, Annual Academic Report has been published since 2003. The first volume of MUST Journal has also been published since Jul, 2007. It serves as a platform for academic publications no matter which is provided by our teaching staffs or the other research fellows from various institutions. According to the record of Annual Academic Report 2010, it indicated that around 350 academic papers had been published during the year.