Key Research Direction

1.Research on instrument and spectrum analysis technique for lunar surface water detection

2.Pre-study of the Effective Load of gamma/X Ray Spectrometer for Moon Exploration

3.Research and Development of Nocturnal Atmospheric Water VaporRaman Lidar


5.Research on Digital Lunar Topography, Components Analysis and Space Plasma Environment near the Moon based on Chang’e-2 Exploration Data.

6.Study on the key technologies of massive data processing in efficient algorithms

7.Observations and Space Exploration of Solar System Small Bodies

8.The study of immobilized anti-respiratory virus component in Chinese traditional Medicine by the viral receptor on the respiratory cells and it’s mechanism

9.A Study of the active ingredients of Lei Gong Teng(Tripterygium Wilfordii Hookf) and their nano-particle drug carrier for treating chronic nephritis

10.Drug screening technology targeting FAK gene expression in anti-tumor metastasis and applicatior

11.Identification of the molecular mechanisms and drug action targets of Rh2E2, a new derivative of ginsenoside, on anti-cancer by using proteomics technology

12.Establishment of LC-MS and LC-NMR-based Novel Lipidomic Platform and Its Application in Chinese Medicine Research

13.Research on Historic Position, Special Function and Real Significance of Macao in the process of Globalization and Cultural Interflow between Eastern and Western World

14.Macau Cultural Industy Development Strategy Research

15.Branding Macau's External Image through Stragtegic Communication