FDCT Postdoctoral special funding

2021 Macao Science and Technology Development Fund Postdoctoral Special Grant Application Date: July 12 to September 17, 2021. (2022 has not yet been notified, for reference).

1. Purpose

In line with the objectives of the Macao Special Administrative Region's Science and Technology Development Policy, we will promote Macao's scientific and technological innovation, increase efforts to cultivate Macao's scientific and technological talents and attract the return of Macao talents from other places, and support local young scholars to enter the scientific research system and participate in the transformation of achievements.

2. Applicant Entity

Institutions of higher learning under the supervision of the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region.

3. Project leader

  1. The project leader must be a full-time associate professor or above working in a local tertiary institution.
  2. In principle, each project leader can only direct one postdoc who is funded by this program.

4. Conditions and requirements for postdoctoral candidates

  1. Postdoctoral candidates must have significant academic research experience in the field of science and technology or experience in participating in the transformation of scientific research achievements, and meet any of the following conditions:
    (1) Holders of Macao Resident Identity Card must obtain a doctorate degree from a macao/local government-recognized institution of higher learning within the past five years.
    (2) Non-holders of Macao Resident Identity Card must obtain a doctorate degree conferred by any higher education institution in Macao within the past year.
  2. Postdoctoral candidates holding Macao Resident Identity Cards should report to the Science and Technology Fund in advance. If the postdoctoral candidate has not yet been paired with a co-supervisor, the Science and Technology Foundation may assist in pairing with the supervisor to be collaborated.
  3. After collecting postdoctoral candidates recommended by each project leader, the applicant entity shall classify them according to the conditions listed in paragraph 1 of this Article.
  4. In the list of recommendations submitted by the applicant entity to the Science and Technology Fund, the number of Macao residents must not be less than half of the total number, and the number of postdoctoral fellows engaged in the transformation of scientific research achievements must not be less than half of the total number.

5. Funding methods

Free Aid.

6. Quota, amount and duration of funding

  1. The number of subsidies under the Scheme is30, of which 25 are for Macao residents.
  2. If the number of applications by Macao residents is insufficient, the quota referred to in the preceding paragraph may be used for applications for non-Macao residents, but the total number of subsidy places for non-Macao residents shall not exceed 15.
  3. The monthly stipend amount of each funded full-time postdoctoral fellow is $30,000.00 (MOP30,000) for a maximum period of 24 months.

7. Application files

  1. Identification data of the applicant entity and relevant supporting documents;
  2. Identification documentation of the head of the applicant entity;
  3. Recommended list of applicant entities; The completed application form should include the information of the project leader, the candidate postdoctoral data, in particular, the documents certifying that the candidate postdoc meets the relevant conditions, the research and development to be carried out or the transformation plan of scientific research achievements.

8. Application method

  1. The co-tutor submits the application as the project leader through the institution of higher learning.
  2. The applicant entity shall submit all application documents referred to in the preceding article to the Technology Fund before the application deadline.

The above source is from the official website of the Macao Science and Technology Development Fund: https://www.fdct.gov.mo/zh_tw/postdoc.html