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MUST 22/23 Orientation Days - New school life begins

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Vice President Mr. Kwong, Ying Wa, Head of Student Affairs Office Ms. Wong, Ka Weng and student volunteers

The new academic year is coming. Student Affairs Office had recruited more than 110 student volunteers to welcome new students from all over the world between August 22 and August 29. Volunteers Orientation was conducted to let student volunteers understand the arrangement of all aspects of the orientation activities and stimulate their enthusiasm for service. Every orientation volunteer was full of energy and enthusiasm, they helped the new students check in at the dormitory reception, led them to the dormitory, and guided the new students to complete the registration process in an orderly manner. Volunteers received more than 6,000 new students together with the university's faculty staffs, helping new students to know more about the campus and necessary information to start a new life in MUST.


Student affairs office held the working meeting for student volunteers

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5 工作花絮 6 教材

Volunteer seniors and faculty members kindly provide service and guidance for freshmen and parents

7 掃碼

Students complete registration effectively with WeMust Student APP

The Student Affairs Office has planned a series of "Moral Education Activities" for the new academic year which covers “Physical and Mental Health”, “Laws and Regulations”, “All-round Development”, “Skills Enhancement”, “Experiential Learning and Cultural Literacy”. The other popular brand of Student Affairs Office, “Comfort Heart fellowship - Psychological Health Ambassador” provides mental health consultation and promotes relevant information to all students. New students are welcome to participate their new programs of the "Funny Cantonese Class" and "New Student Seminar". In addition, the "Social Service Team" focus on elderly service, environmental project and devote to help vulnerable people and community. The Student Activities and Development Section of the Student Affairs Office is going to hold a series of orientation activities such as "Campus Fun Tour", "Social Society Experience Week", etc., which can effectively help new students to understand and adapt to the new living environment.

8 社會服務隊

The student service counter of Social Service Team

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The service counter of the Comfort Heart Fellowship, the student psychological team

During the orientation process, the student volunteers implemented their obligations effectively and cooperated closely, so that the orientation work was successfully completed. With the effective use of technology, the volunteer team also provide fully support and guidance for new students and parents, leaving a deep and great impression on them, and giving excellent performance to the role of volunteer service.