1. Metal lockers for storing personal belongings are available to MUST students on a “first-come-first-served” basis. Application for more than one locker will be considered if sufficient reasons are given and subject to availability of extra lockers.

2. Rental period: 10/9/2018 – 7/6/2019.

3. Student clears off his/her belongings and returns the lockers in the proper condition to Office of Student Affairs by the end of the rental period or graduated/withdrawn or before departure and must place the University padlock back on the locker.

4. The properties inside the locker will be confiscated for disposal if the student fails to clear his/her locker and padlock by the end of the rental period(mention in point 3), for not using University padlock, extra fees will be directly deducted from the deposit for opening the locker.

5. Student must show his/her voucher, student I.D card and the key of the University padlock when he/she check out the locker.

6. Student who rents a locker should sign the application form and be responsible for keeping the locker in good condition.

7. Student must use the padlock that provide by the University. Losing the University padlock, students have to pay $20 for executive cost. For losing the key of the padlock during the rental period, students have to pay $10 for executive cost.

8. Student who damages the locker, will fully or unintentionally, must pay for the cost of repair or replacement of such locker. All replacement can be directly deducted form the deposit.

9. Office of Student Affairs reserves the right to refuse an applicant.

Office of Student Affairs
 August, 2018