Taiwan Students

1. Passport and validity period stipulated for staying
1.1 Validity period stipulated for staying

       Student from Taiwan holding their passport and enter Macau every time, they will be given a staying period for 30 days, but not later than the validity period stipulated of the passport.

       Taiwan Students need staying in Macau during their study continuously, they should apply the “Special Authorization to Stay”* for extending the staying period at Immigration Department of Public Security Police Force.

       *For more information about the “Special Authorization to Stay” at chapter 2.

1.2 Overstaying
Overstaying include the following circumstances: 
 (a). Staying more than 30 days in Macau without application of “Special Authorization to Stay”.
 (b). Staying in Macau later than the validity period stipulated of “Special Authorization to Say”.
 (c). Staying in Macau later than the validity period stipulated of Passport.
 (d). Loss the status of student and without valid “Endorsement to enter Macau”.

1.3 Penalty of overstaying
       (a). The person who overstay in Macau will be fined Mop200 per day and with the overstay limited to 30 days.
       (b). The person who overstays again within 180 days or do not repay fine of overstaying, will be classified as “Illegal immigrant”. As the result, any visa about living, working and the extension of staying will be rejected within 2 years, the illegal immigrant will be deported.
       All Penalty translated here is base on the Article 8 of Law No. 5/2003, and is executed on 18th August, 2009

1.4 Loss of passport process
       If losing the passport, students have to report it to the police station and the Macau Taipei Economic and Cultural Center
       Macau Taipei Economic and Cultural Center
       Address:6th Floor, Block F-K, Dynasty Plaza, 411-417 Alm. Dr. Carlos d’Assumpcao, Macau
       Office Hours:9:00a.m. – 5:30p.m., Monday to Friday (except public holidays)

1.5 Collection and Renewal of student document
       Taiwan Students have to submit the copy of their passport and the Immigration cope to the office of Student Affairs (Room J108) for update, once they have renewal or change of their information.

2. “Special Authorization to Stay”
2.1 Introduction

       Taiwan Students may take the application for “Special Authorization-to-Stay” personally at Immigration Department of Public Security Police Force. The period of the application must be 20days before the staying limit (30 days from entering Macau).
       Student must renew the “Special Authorization-to-Stay” every academic year, otherwise it will make a chance for overstaying.

2.2 Application Procedure
       (1). Freshmen
        In the first year, Office of Students Affairs will arrange the freshmen taking application of “Special Authorization to Stay” at Macau Immigration Services of Public Security Police Force. The freshmen students should follow and obey the arrangement of Office of Student Affairs.
       (2). Year two or upper Students
        After announced by the Immigration Department of Public Security Police Force, Office of Student Affairs will post notice to announce students to renew the “Special Authorization to Stay” personally after confirm the information from this announcement.
       (3). After applying the “Special Authorization to Stay”
        After received the application, Students will get a receipt from the Immigration Department of Public Security Police Force. Students have to take the “Special Authorization to Stay” by the receipt on the appointed day.

2.3 Document Required
       For the first time application, the following documents are required:
        (1). Application form of “Special Authorization to stay”
        (2). Passport
        (3). “Testimonial of Macau University of Science and Technology”
        (4). Three recent photos (1.5 inch with white background)

2.4 Location for applying
       Address:Immigration Department of Public Security Police
                       Serviço De Migração, Travessa Um do Cais de Pac On, Taipa , Macau
       Office hour:Monday to Friday at 09:00 – 17:00 (except public holiday)

3. Application for “Testimonial of Macau University of Science and Technology”
3.1 Introduction

       Taiwan Students can apply the testimonial for application for “Special Authorization to Stay” (including the delay of taking military service) in the Office of Student Affairs (Room J108) and receive it in Registry (Room N411).

3.2 Document Required
       Hard Copy of following document:
       (1). Information page of Passport
       (2). Student campus card

3.3 Processing Time
       5 working days

3.4 Fee for applying the testimonial issued by MUST
       (1). Special Authorization to Stay----------------------------------------------------------------------Free
       (2). Testimonial about delay of taking military service)-----------------------------------------Free
       (3). Student provide incorrect information
              That causes the re-issue of the testimonial--------------------------------------------------$50
       (4). Re-issue the testimonial because of loss or damage------------------------------------$150
        Students have to bring along their personal identification documents for examination.

       For accuracy or up-date information, please refer to the website of the Macau Immigration http://www.fsm.gov.mo/psp/cht/index.html
       And the English translation here is for reference only. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the Chinese version and the English version, the Chinese version shall consider.