IPV6 Research Laboratory

IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6), regarded as next generation Internet protocol, earns much concern from governments and telecommunications providers on the world. Now, more than 50 countries and regions are participating on IPv6-related researches. In a word, IPv6 is ready enough to be used in the Internet.
For the intention on IPv6 researches, Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) now is building a open IPv6 networking environment that can conduct experiment, development and research on IPv6-based technologies, products and applications. The whole IPv6 network will be connected with MUST IPv6 network and Macau universities IPv6 networks. (Fig.1)
Moreover, MUST will open the IPv6 laboratory for IPv6 testing and researches to the public users, including local educational and research institutes, government, banks, and gamble companies. Therefore, promote the IPv6 applications in Macau.


Research Planning
Researches will focus on “Fundamental technologies” and “Applications developments and promotions”. It has two phrases:
First phrase: Research on internetworking capability of MUST IPv6 Laboratory, including testing on multi-networks, multi-technologies, and multi-vendor devices interconnection.
Second phrase: Research on IPv6-based technologies and applications developments, including “Mobile IPv6”, “IPv6 performance testing”, “IPv6 QoS” and “IPv6 network security”, etc.