Laboratory for Quality Assessment and Control of Chinese Medicines

Main Research Focuses:

I. Establishment of quality control technology and standard on the commonly-used toxic medicinal herbs, precious herbs, herbs cultivated in Southern China, and animal parts .

  1. Advanced LC-MS and NMR technology (Fast chemical composition identification); 
  2. DNA barcoding technology (Pharmacognostic authentication);
  3. multidimensional chemical composition and quality analytical system on Chinese medicines;
  4. Setting up analytical methods and standards for safe application of Commonly-used toxic Chinese medicinal herbs in clinic.

II. Establishment of quality control technology and standards on the proprietary Chinese medicinal products.

  1. Assessment on the quality and stability of the proprietary Chinese medicinal products by integrating analytical method of “chromatography - mass spectrometry - nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic fingerprint” ;
  2. Research on the quality assessment and safety assurance of injections made by Chinese medicinal herbs.

Academic team members: Professor Jiang Zhi Hong, Professor Xie Pei Shan, Dr. Bai Li Ping, Dr. Xu Shun Jun