Supervisors for the programs of Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy

Name Position E-mail
Jiang Zhihong Chair Professor
Zhu Yi Zhun Chair Professor
Zhang Kang Chair Professor
Tam Kwong Hang (Paul) Chair Professor
Lee Shuit-Tong Chair Professor
Yao Xiaojun Professor
Ye Li Professor
Liang Yong Professor
Xiao Ying Professor
Wu Qibiao Professor
Wong Kam Wai Professor
Li Ting Associate Professor
Luo Pei Associate Professor
Law Yuen Kwan Associate Professor
Wu Qiang Associate Professor
Zhang Wei Associate Professor
Li Na Associate Professor
Wu Jianlin Associate Professor
Ma Wenzhe Associate Professor
Xu Youhua Associate Professor
Yan Peiyu Associate Professor
Zhu Xiaoming Assistant Professor
Zhu Guoyuan Assistant Professor
Yu Haijie Assistant Professor
Ma Lijuan Assistant Professor
Fan Xingxing Assistant Professor
Yu Xi Assistant Professor
Zhong Tian Assistant Professor
BAPTISTA HON, DANIEL Assistant Professor
Wang Xiaolin Assistant Professor
Wong Io Nam Assistant Professor
Part-time Supervisors
Name Position E-mail
Erwin Neher Distinguished Professor
Yang Baofeng Academician
Chen Keji Academician
Zhang Youming Academician
Zhang Xu Academician
Zeng Fanyi Distinguished Professor
Hu Gang Distinguished Professor
Wang Jun Distinguished Professor
Wang Peng Endowed Professor
Zhang Zenghui Endowed Professor
Huang Xiaolun Professor
Luo Haibin Professor
Pan Qiuhui Professor
Sun Lingyun Professor
Gong Qihai Professor
Gao Jianmei Professor
Cong Weihong Professor
Chen Xu Professor
Zhao Yumin Professor
Duan Xiaoqun Professor
Liu Zhongqiu Professor
Lv Haitao Professor
Huang Min Professor
Shen Fuming Professor
Zhu Yichun Professor
Zhang Hanting Professor
Chen Weidong Professor
Ge Weihong Chief Pharmacist
Kang Zhenhui Professor
Liu Zhuang Professor
He Yao Professor
Zhang Jian Chief Pharmacist
Du Meirong Professor
Wang Wei Professor
He Rongrong Professor
Xiao Jian Professor
Lin Li Professor
Du Zhimin Professor
Jin Jing Professor
Yin Zhinan Professor
Lu Ligong Professor
Lu Hongyun Associate Professor
Ma Qing Professor(Research)
Ma Yingfei Professor(Research)
Zhou Jiahai Professor(Research)
Zhong Chao Professor(Research)
Lin Tongyu Professor
Xu Chuan Professor
Yang Mu Professor(Research)
Chen Chuanliang Professor
Liu Jiyong Professor
Xu Yun Professor
Yan Jun Professor
Shi Yun Professor(Research)
Lei Wei Professor(Research)
Lu Shun Professor(Research)

Remark: Part-time tutors should jointly supervise doctoral students with teachers from our school