Projects Completed

Key Research Projects Funded by the Macau Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT)


1. Pre-study of the effective load of gamma/X ray spectrometer for moon exploration.

Principal Investigator: Professor Xu Aoao

2. Data processing, analysis, application and research for Chang' E-1 Lunar Satellite.

Principal Investigator: Chair Professor Tang Zesheng

3. Research on instrument to detect the minor water on the lunar surface and the methods to analyze nuclear spectrum

Principal Investigator: Professor Xu Aoao

4. Retrieving the compositions of the lunar surface with CE-1 IIM data.

Principal Investigator: Distinguished Guest Associate Professor Wu Yunzhao

5. Research on Digital Lunar Topography, Components Analysis and Space Plasma Environment near the Moon based on Chang'e-2 Exploration Data.

Principal Investigator: Chair Professor Tang Zesheng, Distinguished Guest Professor Ouyang Ziyuan

6. Theoretical studies on production rate of cosmogenic nuclei in lunar surface, meteorites, and the Earth's atmosphere

Principal Investigator: Assistant Professor Dong Tiekuang, Assistant Professor Zhang Xiaoping

7. Astronomical observations and space exploration of solar system small bodies.

Principal Investigator: Distinguished Guest Professor Ip Wing Huen

8. Modeling, theoretical, and observational studies of the lunar plasma environment.

Principal Investigator: Professor Wong Hon Cheng

9. Integration and combined study of multi-band lunar orbital data.

Principal Investigator: Professor Xu Aoao, Researcher Yan Jun


Key Research Projects Funded by the Macau University of Science and Technology Foundation


1. Tidal Energy Dissipation inside the Lunar Interior.

Principal Investigator: Assistant Professor Yuji Harada