Professor Yin Jun on "Digital Entertainment Leads New Life"

        The "Digital Entertainment Leads New Life" lecture series, co-organized by Academy of Film M.U.S.T. and Culture and Sports Development Office was successfully held in the afternoon of November 16, 2021 via Zoom platform. The lecture was given by Prof. Jun Yin, a doctoral supervisor, director of the Wuxi Ancient Canal Cultural and Social Science Center, an internationally certified teacher of Vicon Motion Systems in the UK, an internationally certified teacher of SELSYS ComicStudio in Japan, a director of the China Animation Society, and a director of the China College Film and Television Society.

        At the beginning of the lecture, Prof. Yin elaborated on the definition of digital entertainment industry which is a series of cultural industries based on digital technology. After that, Professor Yin pointed out that the development of digital entertainment industry has become an important symbol to measure the level of information culture and comprehensive national power of a country.

        In terms of the development of the digital entertainment industry, Professor Yin believes that the world is now at a new inflection point where digital technology and the creative industry converge. According to Prof. Yin, with the support of policies and the advancement of Internet technology, accompany with virtual reality technology and artificial intelligence, the user group has been changing and evolving. In this regard, Prof. Yin believes that: In the future, the subdivision of fields and the integration between fields will be more frequent.

        At the end of the lecture, Prof. Yin Jun showed us the design and construction of the "Guilin Xiangshan Night Tour - Legend of Xiangshan" project. He also showed us the cultural and political background of the game park project "Watching the Stars Rain with You", focusing on the connection between the park and culture. Professor Yin Jun pointed out that the era of virtual theme park has arrived, he hoped that students could cultivate the awareness of innovation and promote the development of technology and industry together.