Researcher Liang Guilin on "Blooming Wall Collection - Social Life and Silk Road Flavors in Tang Tomb Murals"

         ‘MUST ARTS TALK’ series of the "Blooming Wall Collection - Social Life and Silk Road Flavors in Tang Tomb Murals", organized by the Research and Planning Department of Shanxi Provincial History Museum and Faculty of Humanities and Arts of MUST,was successfully held on 23 November 2021 in N101 and broadcast online through Zoom App. The lecture was delivered by Researcher Liang Guilin from the Research and Planning Department of Shanxi Provincial History Museum.

        At the beginning of the lecture, Prof. Zhang Zhiqing gave a speech and welcomed the guests. Then Luo Wenli, the Director of the Bureau of Cultural Heritage of Shaanxi Province, introduced the main content of the lecture, welcoming MUST students to experience the cultural connotations of Shaanxi and looking forward to further cooperation with M.U.S.T. The lecture began. Researcher Liang Guilin started the lecture with a presentation on "Shaanxi History Museum and its mural painting collection", explaining that the majority of mural paintings from the Tang Dynasty were located in Shaanxi and showing how rare and precious they were.

       Later, he shared the classic examples of ancient imperial tombs, the concept of "wall paintings showing the world of ancient customs and spirits", and the life of the palace people as reflected by the wall paintings in the context of the restored illustrations. After all, researcher Liang Guilin introduced the historical knowledge of the Tang Dynasty as a centre of cultural in the world during the its period, focusing on the relationship between the different paintings. He also gave a detailed explanation of the Tang dynasty's tribute trade. The visitors were able to experience the life pattern of their ancestors thousands of years ago.

       At the end of the lecture, Researcher Liang Guilin made the point that the Silk Road is one of the greatest contributions of the Chinese government and people around the world. He led the audience to take a look back to the present day and said that China's "The Belt and Road" policy is a right policy to promote the world's economic and political progress and to spread the concept of peaceful development. Finally, Researcher Liang Guilin urged that a better tomorrow should be created by our own hands through hard work. And every Chinese should spread Chinese culture subconsciously.