Faculty Introduction

Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) was founded in the year 2000, and the Faculty of Chinese Medicine (FCM) was established in the same year. At present, the Faculty has become the only higher education institution that has a complete educational curriculum system of Chinese Medicine in Macau. At present, the Faculty provides academic degrees including Bachelor Degrees of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy in Chinese Medicine, Master and Doctoral Degrees of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Medicines and Integrated Traditional Chinese & Western Medicine, and postdoctoral research workstations etc.

To reserve talents, the government of Macau Special Administrative Region (Macau SAR) committed to develop the higher education since the transfer of sovereignty of Macau from the Portuguese Republic to the People's Republic of China (PRC) in 1999; and the Faculty of Chinese Medicine of MUST emerged as the time required. Since its establishment in the year 2000, the Faculty has provided full-time five-year Bachelor’s Degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of Chinese Medicine in Macau. Then a complete degree programme system of Chinese Medicine including Bachelor/Master/Doctoral Degrees of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Medicines and Integrated Traditional Chinese & Western Medicine was set up; in year 2011, postdoctoral workstation for quality research in Chinese Medicines and novel drugs development was established, which marks the establishment of a complete TCM senior personnel training system in Macau. Nowadays, the faculty has become an important part of China's higher education of TCM and an important base of TCM teaching and researching in Macau. Besides local students, there are many young students from mainland China. Many local graduates have become the fresh force of the Chinese medicine community and industry in Macau and win the public trust; and many graduates from mainland China continue for further education in Hong Kong, Macau or Oversea, and some of them take part in the medical licensing examination of TCM and became doctors in clinic.

The Faculty puts emphasis on the quality as well as characteristics, and focus on improving students' knowledge structure and nurturing their working ability. With regard to the course design and teaching process, the Faculty fully uses the experience of good teaching experience of TCM in higher education, recruited excellent teachers and equipped advanced laboratory and clinical teaching facilities from mainland China, and develops the characteristics of TCM education in Macau, especially nurtures students’ creative spirit and innovation ability and the potential of developing in both domestic and abroad. Currently, the Faculty has a teaching staff team who had working or studying experience in famous universities from domestic or abroad, including experts with deep theoretician and clinical experiences in TCM and famous scholars in the R&D of TCM, thus provides a solid guarantee for developing high quality educational programs and training talents. The Faculty cooperates with famous higher education institutions including Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine etc., and provides the students with good bases for clinical practice and clinical research. At present, the Faculty has five teaching practicum hospitals and four graduation practicum hospitals, and all of the hospitals are Third-level grade-A hospitals of TCM in China. Meanwhile, the rapid development of the University Hospitals, which is under direct management by Macau University of Science and Technology Foundation, provides more favorable conditions for students to practice in clinic at early education stage. The Faculty encourages students to take part in academic activities, including MUST Great Masters Seminars. Therefore, students will have the opportunity to listen to the famous scholars from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, and many other well-known scholars from abroad for their successful experience. The Faculty encourages students to participate in overseas exchange plans and organizes students to take part in kinds of internal and external learning activities. The Faculty has also established good cooperative relationships with famous institutions from United States, Portugal, Hong Kong, and Mainland China etc., thus provides more choices for students to study or work abroad. In terms of teaching language, some courses for the Bachelor’s Degrees will be delivered in English, courses for the Masters’ or Doctoral Degrees of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Integrated Traditional Chinese & Western Clinical Medicine are encouraged to be delivered in English, courses for Doctor of Philosophy in Chinese Medicines are fully delivered in English; in this case, the Faculty realized the aim in that the students can be taught in accordance with their aptitude, and the English application skills for the students can be strengthened at the same time. The Faculty encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities and university student organizations to improve their organizational skills and social practice.

The Faculty devotes great efforts to develop postgraduate education and academic research, and pays attention to combine talents training and scientific research closely. In term of postgraduate teaching in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Integrated Traditional Chinese & Western Clinical Medicine, besides staffs and facilities from MUST, the Faculty also takes advantage of the excellent teachers and facilities from affiliated hospitals of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine as well as Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. Thus the students are taught in a joint-training way, and the complementary advantages from both sides are fully utilized. In term of postgraduate teaching in Pharmacy in Chinese Medicine, the faculty mainly relies on the State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine (SKL) in MUST (see the website for detail). This laboratory is the only state key laboratory in the field of Chinese Medicine so far. The laboratory has a complete academic echelon including academician from Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Highly Cited Scholars, chair professor, professor, associate professor, assistant professor; therefore, each student can be allocated with a high level supervisor. Recently, scholars from SKL have published amounts of papers in SCI indexed journals including Nature and The New England Journal of Medicine. The project “Innovative methods in quality control and bioactivity evaluation for research and development of anti-arthritic proprietary Chinese medicine” lead by Chair Professor Liu Liang was awarded with National Science and Technology Progress Award (Level 2) in the year 2012. The SKL has an area over 5200 m2, with chemical analysis department and biological activity evaluation department share half and half. The SKL is equipped with lots of high technology facilities for chemical analysis and biological activity evaluation, and it is the largest analysis center of pharmaceutical chemistry in Chinese Medicine by mass spectrometry in China; at present, the SKL has a total of 21 Mass equipment for kinds of analysis and spent over 140 million HKD to equip with the most advanced LC-SPE-NMR analysis system in the world. The SKL has established many joint laboratories with well-known academic institutions including Agilent Technologies Co, Bruker Co., State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease, Guangzhou Medical University, State Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at Nanjing University, and Shenzhen BGI, etc. Currently, the SKL undertakes a large number of research projects from the Macau SAR Government and the national government, and cooperates with other famous academic institution and pharmaceutical companies including the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), which guarantees the postgraduate research funding. The University offers full scholarships to excellent graduate students. Therefore, the Faculty is the ideal place for those who are interested in studying and researching TCM. And the Faculty is willing to provide the students with best teachers, the most favorable facilities and the most powerful support to help the students to realize their dream.

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