Research Group: Cosmochemistry


Cosmochemistry is the study of extraterrestrial materials aimed at understanding the nature of Solar System bodies, including the planets, their natural satellites, and small bodies.

An important goal is to increase our understanding of the chemical origin of the Solar System and the processes by which its planets and small bodies have evolved to their present states.

Our team is conducting research in the following fields:

  • Formation and differentiation of planetesimals
  • Chronological and mineralogical records of impacts on planets
  • Lunar magmatism
  • Mineralogical records of Martian and the Earth’s paleoenvironment

Team Members:







Tang, Chi Pui

Assistant Professor

  • Meteorite;
  • First-Principles Calculation;


SSI Academic dupeixin 60x85

Du, Pei Xin

Assistant Professor

  • Hydrous minerals and paleoenvironments of Mars;
  • Mars analog studies (e.g., Qaidam);
  • Clay mineralogy;


SSI Academic JinZiliang 60x85

Jin, Zi Liang

Assistant Professor

  • Material migaration in solar system;
  • Volatiles in solar system objects;
  • Applications of ion probes in planetary science;


SSI Academic LiuJing

Liu, Jing

Assistant Professor

  • Water-rock interaction;
  • Mineralogy of natural Fe- and Mn-rich specimen and their implication to paleoenvironment
  • Growth and phase transformation of nanominerals


SSI pic ZuoHongYan

Zuo, Hong Yan

Assistant Professor

  • Microbe-Mineral Interaction;


SSI Manager JinLei 60x85

Jin, Lei


  • Cosmochemistry and Geochemistry of Trace Elements;
  • Development and Application of LA_ICPMS;



Leong, Pak Kin

PhD Student


Zhou, Yu Xin

Master Student


Zhang, Yu

Master Student


Wang, Tian

Master Student


Yang, Pu

Master Student


Xiang, Xin Yi

Master Student