Research Group: Planetary Space Physics


The Planetary Space Physics group aims at investigating the plasma and energetic particle environment of the planets and their moons in our solar system.

Our team is conducting research in the following fields:
The solar wind and its interactions with Planets together with the Moon, and Mars, which can cause the loss of atmosphere and water and/or space weather effects etc.

Team Members:






SSI Academic xjxu 60x85

Xu, Xiao Jun

Associate Professor

Group Head

  • Solar wind magnetic reconnection;
  • Lunar plasma environment;
  • Planetary space physics;


SSI Academic ZouZhengYang 60x85

Zou, Zheng Yang

Assistant Professor

  • Solar wind-Magenetosphere coupling;
  • Dynamics of Earth's radiation belt electrons;


SSI Academic ShenZhenning 60x85

Shen, Zhen Ning

Assistant Professor

  • Space energetic particles in the planetary magnetophere and heliosphere;
  • Space weather;



Zhou, Zi Lu

Assistant Professor

  • Solar wind, Magnetic reconnection;
  • Turbulence;
  • Interplanetary coronal mass ejections


pic wangxing

Wang, Xing

 Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Space Environment;
  • Atmospheric gravity waves;



Luo, Lei

PhD Student


He, Pei Shan

Master Student


Cheng, Shao Guan

 Master Student


 Wu, Hao

 Master Student


Wang, Ju Hang

Master Student


Yi, Si Qi

Master Student


Recent Progress:

New publications in GRL and ApJ:

MAVEN Observations of Magnetic Reconnection at Martian Induced Magnetopause

Shock Properties and Associated Characteristics of Solar Energetic Particles in the 2017 September 10 Ground-level Enhancement Event