Green Procurement Policy

Policy Statement

The Macau University of Science and Technology seeks to continuously improving the environmental quality of our campus by adopting sustainable development principles in its procurement/construction/outsourcing practices with priority given to recyclable and resource-efficient goods and products that are acquired with minimal or no adverse impact on the environment and with less pollution. In line with the sustainable procurement objective of rational allocation and full utilization, the University also encourages the staff/departments to return surplus or no longer needed items to the warehouse for further redistribution based on their actual needs.

The University also requires its contractors to adopt equal or even superior green procurement standards in the provision of contracted services.

General Principles

The following are some general considerations that should be given priority when making purchases or awarding contracts for construction or services:

  1. Consistent with green procurement practices and the promotion of sustainable development;
  2. Provide goods and products that are environmentally sound and economically viable. Specifically, goods and products that are highly recyclable, have reduced packaging but greater durability, are efficient in the use of water and energy, have less pollution, are biodegradable, etc.;
  3. Avoid as much as possible single-use disposable items and plastic products to reduce plastic waste generation;
  4. Take into account the environmental concerns of the goods and products when outsourcing construction projects and services, such as the use of renewable materials; 
  5. Prioritize purchase to goods and products with available publicly recognized environmental labels or energy labels (e.g. recycled paper);
  6. Prioritize consider to service providers who can provide recycling and disposal services (e.g. toner cartridge);
  7. Prioritize consider to service providers who have environmental commitments or have passed the environmental management system certification (e.g. energy saving LED light tubes);
  8. Prioritize choose to local suppliers.

The Macau University of Science and Technology is committed to green procurement policies by ensuring that products and services whenever purchased under these policies are in line with the development of sustainability on campus.


Revised in October 2023

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