University Research

The university strives to achieve the high quality research outputs and this principles are ensuring that it contributes to Macao’s economic development and social progress. With the support of the Macao Government, the Macao Foundation and the Macao Science and Technology Development Fund, the State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine (MUST) has launched a major initiative to promote the modernization of Chinese medicine. It is also involved in the serving historical importance of Macao in the interaction of Eastern and Western Culture, the Chang’e Lunar probe data analysis, and gaming and tour management. Further, the University has co-operated with the Government and several international corporations, conducting surveys on peoples’ livelihood, operations of e-business, and corporation consultancies, to gauge the views of Macao’s society. The level of the academic research is increasing rapidly.


- Academic Research Laboratory:

a) State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine (MUST)

b) Advanced Computer Graphics and Imaging Laboratory (ACGIL)

c) 月球與行星探測科學應用研究聯合實驗室

d) laser Remote Sensing Joint Laboratory

e) Smart Home Laboratory

f) IPV6 Research Laboratory

g) 金木工實驗室