The "International Institute of Next Generation Internet" of Macao University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as the "International Institute") was established by the Macao University of Science and Technology and China Future Internet Engineering Center. The main research direction of the International Institute is the next generation of Internet key technology, industrial application and Cyberspace governance. Guided by the establishment of an internationalized and specialized platform for the innovation and development of the next generation Internet, we formulate plans for academic research and personnel training, aim at the frontiers and key technologies of the next generation Internet, lead and participate in the formulation of international standards and technological innovation, and strive to apply to become a national key engineering laboratory. The Institute will gather high-level leaders and professional and technical personnel for the next generation of Internet development, build a cross-border international collaborative innovation mechanism, and establish a top-level expert resource bank. The Institute will closely follow the developing trends and international frontier areas and advanced technology, and carry out international exchanges and cooperation. To develop innovative capabilities in line with the world and become a high-end think tank for Internet development and governance. The institute research direction includes:

  • Next Generation Internet Basic Technology
  • Next Generation Internet Frontier Innovation Technology
  • Next Generation Internet Security
  • Next Generation Internet Application Research
  • Next Generation Internet Industry Layout
  • Cyberspace Governance

The International Institute will actively respond to the call of the state and carry out the construction of the strategy of network power. The International Institute will adopt the development layout and operation mode of "one total and multiple", dock industries and carry out extensive cooperation to develop practical key technologies for Macao's comprehensive construction of the next generation of Internet, and cultivate professional researcher and engineering practice. The international talents with operational ability to form a collaborative innovation base for the next generation Internet industry, which integrates academic research, personnel training, international cooperation, achievements transformation and industrial services. It will give full play to Macao's regional advantages and help build the big bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, and play a role in the construction of the "one belt and one road". Macau has moderately diversified and innovative development to win new international competitive advantages in the future.

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