The Center for Education in Medical Simulation of the Faculty of Medicine at the Macau University of Science and Technology was established in 23rd of May 2011.

This advanced facility has some of the world's finest virtual reality simulation equipment. This domain comprises a virtual reality laboratory, Mock-Up ICU and A&E hospital wards and a surgical skills laboratory. This facility houses a comprehensive range of surgical and interventional simulators, high fidelity manikins which have an abundant set of programs that allows trainees to practice a range of procedures. Portable manikins are used to simulate on-road traumas, or situations in non-clinical locations.

Healthcare professionals face clinical challenges on a daily basis. From the novice practitioner perfecting new skills, to the experienced professional mastering new techniques, access to the procedural skills labs can improve proficiency and competence. Studies show that routine procedural practice enhances healthcare professionals’ skills and increases confidence in both routine and emergency situations, thus improving patient safety and better outcome.

The courses conducted by the Center for Education in Medical Simulation of the Faculty of Medicine covers a range of different emergencies. A number of the courses are approved, recognised and recommended by professional organisations in Hong Kong, Macau and overseas. There are courses specifically for operating room clinicians, Endoscopic and Laparoscopic surgeons, Endovascular intervention physicians, Emergency Paediatric Physicians and Paediatric Nurses, General Practitioners and Practice Nurses and other allied healthcare providers. Further courses are being developed to ensure training for all healthcare professionals who may be involved in crisis or emergency situations are catered for.

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