Business Internship Application Guideline

(For Bachelor of Business Administration)
Business Internship course 

I. Course Name: Business Internship

II. Course Type: Major Elective (the second batch)

III. Credit: 3 credits

IV. Internship period:

Summer Internship: June-August (the course will be registered in semester 1)

Fall Internship:September-December (the course will be registered in semester 1)

Spring Internship:January- May (the course will be registered in semester 2)

*The period of internship should be proceeded according to the above mentioned period.

**Students should arrange their period of internship in order not to have time conflict with the schedule of the classes. Students are not allowed to apply for the change of classes due to time conflict with the internship.

V. Internship location:

Summer Internship: Macau, Zhuhai, Zhongshan or Guangzhou

Fall Internship: Macau ONLY

Spring Internship: Macau ONLY

VI. Target Students: BBA Year 3 and Year 4 students, with cumulative GPA no lower than 2.8.

VII. Course Assessment Requirement: 1). Total hours of internship: 180 hours, no more than 15 hours per week in fall Internship or spring Internship .2). Grading policy: Students are required to hand in all course work on the due dates designated by the school supervisor. For more details of the course requirement and grading policy, please refer to the attached Internship Program Introduction file.

VIII. Application procedure:

  1. Students must receive the offer of hiring company prior to application.
  2. Complete the Internship Confirmation Form and send it to the hiring company for confirming and stamping.
  3. Required documents to be submitted to the school administrative office (O934) according to the period stated in the below table:
    1. Internship Application Form duly completed.
    2. Personal ID Photocopies
    3. Formal offer or Internship contract
    4. Insurance Disclaim Declaration

      Internship Period

      Application Period


      10th to 20th May


      10th to 20th August

      January- May

      10th to 20th December

  4. The school office will send the application results to students via email. Students can also visit to the student portal for checking the approved name list.

If you are interested in submitting the application for the internship course, please follow the above application procedure and bear in mind the submission deadlines. Late application will NOT be accepted.

Should you have any queries, please contact us in room O934 or call at 8897-2025.

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