About Social Service Team

In order to raise the enthusiasm of students for taking part in social affairs, give more opportunities to students to serve our society and train their abilities to arrange activities and raise their leadership, MUST Social Service Team was officially founded in March, 2014 by Macau University of Science and Technology. It provides students with both chances for serving the society of Macao and a platform of self-improvement.

Through a series of training activities, a student can be promoted from a primary volunteer to a junior one. Students no longer stuck on the level of knowing and learning. Instead, their skills for organizing activities and habits of sharing are processed. After getting sufficient practices, students will be improved to a higher level, which specifically means senior volunteers. When that moment comes, they will be more familiar with the schedules of holding and organizing activities. Good teamwork and sharing skills will also be grasped. Eventually, quintessence of serving society will be inherited, imparted and shared by students, which make them become professional and experienced volunteers. Voluntary service of college students should be processive, creative and flexible. Volunteers of colleges are supposed to make good use of their strengths, contribute their energy, serve the society and build up correct self-value. MUST Social Service Team is aimed at advocating college students spend their leisure reasonably, actively take part in more types of voluntary service in their local city or other regions and help others. In this way, they are more likely to fit in the society.

In order to strengthen the recognition of our team members for voluntary works, stabilize their techniques of voluntary service and skills for organizing activities, Student Affairs Office of MUST invites professional staff, who serve as tutors to provide some related training courses to all the members of Social Service Team. The content of courses includes: Basic Knowledge of Voluntary Works and Skills, Professional Operations and Regulations of Volunteers, Concept and Development of Global Volunteers, Organization and Management of Activities, etc. Furthermore, with the aim of bringing more opportunities to members of putting their knowledge into practice and getting acquainted with multiple kinds of social service in Macao, Student Affairs Office of MUST will also send some members to cooperative organizations for voluntary service. Students are expected to obtain chances of practice during the process of serving as well as make a contribution to our society.   

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