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The University Campus Programs of Academic Year 2024/2025
For Local Applicants
[Guidelines on Application Fee Payment]


Upon success of online application, applicants should follow the steps and guidelines below to settle application fee within the application period.

Step 1. Download and Print Debit Note

Please read carefully the following before access into our online application system (OAS) for downloading and printing of the Debit Note:

  1. Present the Debit Note to any of our designated banks for settlement of application fee before the Due Date as stipulated on the Debit Note. If choose “Online Payment”, it will not be required to download and print the Debt Note.
  2. Cheque/Bank Cashier’s Order payment be payable to “Macau University of Science and Technology” or “澳門科技大學”.
  3. All banking charges incurred will be borne by the applicants.
  4. All application fees paid (including repeated/overlapped payments) are neither refundable nor transferable.
  5. Admission application shall become effective only upon receipt of both of 1) student’s online application via the OAS and 2) payment of the application fee; failure to complete or omission of any of the procedures will be considered as application incompletion and the University will not process further on the admission application.
  6. After the application fee has been confirmed by the Finance Office, a reminder “You have completed the payment of application fee!” will be shown on the page of “Application Fee” on the OAS.
  7. Acknowledgement of receipt email or confirm in OAS for successful applicants will only be released in 2 weeks or before the payment due date.  Applicants unable to receive the copy need to ring up the MUST Finance Office at (853)8897-2298 or email to;
  8. All disputes are subject to the final decision of the University.
  9. Document in HTML or Acrobat (PDF) format.  If Acrobat Reader is not installed, please click here to download.

## Please click here to download Debit Note ##

Step 2. Payment of Application Fee

After downloading Debit Note, applicants must present the Debit Note to the assigned bank for payment of application fee, before the due date as shown on the Debit Note. Late payment is not accepted. Applicants are reminded to keep the receipt copy of the Debit Note for future reference.

Table for Application Fee:

1. Undergraduate Programs

Ways of Admission


Admission through Written Examination

MOP 250

Direct Admission

MOP 1, 000

2. Postgraduate Programs



Master and Doctoral Degree Programs

MOP 600

Payment Method:

Payment Method


Online Payment

  1. After submitted the application on-line, applicants can login the OAS to reach the "Application Fee" page and click “Pay”, the page will transfer to Online Payment system. Applicants must follow the step and fill in the fields in order to complete the payment process.
  2. For Online Payment, we accept:
    • UnionPay Online (Union Pay cards of the Chinese mainland banks issued from the Mainland with online transaction capacities)
    • VISA/MASTER card (Issued from Global with online transaction capacities)
    • Alipay (for Mainland China Identity Card holder only)
    • Mpay 
  3. Upon success of payment, the page will display a message of "Successful transaction" and click the "Back". A message of "You have completed the payment of application fee!" will be displayed on the OAS which means that you have completed application procedures as well as the payment of application fee.
  4. When the page display a message of “Payment Incomplete" or “Payment Fail”, please make the payment again 30 minutes later. If “Payment Incomplete” is still shown, please choose other payment methods in order to meet the due date as late payment will not be accepted.
  5. When the page continuously display a message of “Payment Incomplete" or “Payment Fail”, please contact the following company.
    VISA/MASTER card - Card-issuing bank’s service hotline
    Alipay - Alipay service hotline (Mainland China)
    Mpay - Macaupass service hotline

Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU)

Pay over counter of BNUs headquarter or any of its branches in cash or through fund transfer.

Finance Office Service Counter

Cash/Cheque/Bank Cashier Order/Wechat pay/Alipay/BOCpay/MPay/MacauPass payment can be made at the Finance Office Service Counter located at Room R102, Block R. Please keep the receipt for future reference.