Local Students

Admission through Written Examination

Date (2021)


January 5 - 20

Online Application

January 5 - 20

Application for Admission Examination Exemption - Languages and Mathematics

March 10 - 21

Download JAE (Languages and Mathematics) Examination Permit from OAS

March 20 - 21

JAE (Languages and Mathematics) Examination

March 13 - 14

Program-specific Examination – Interview & Audition (for applicants to Bachelor in Acting) *

March 13 or 14

Program-specific Examination – Fine Art Examination (for applicants to Bachelor of Arts in Art Design) *

April 10

Program-specific Examination – Multiple Mini Interview (for applicants to Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) **

Early in May

Release of JAE (Languages and Mathematics) Results***

To be announced upon release of JAE results

Application for Rechecking of JAE (Languages and Mathematics) Results

From middle of May

Ongoing Release of Acceptance Results and Acceptance Documents

Tuition Payment and Online Confirmation Procedures for Admission

May 1 to online registration

Health Examination (for Local Students)

Mid of August

Online registration, make appointment for in-person registration

Late in August

In-person registration

September 1

Commencement of Classes

* Details about the arrangement of Interview & Audition and Fine Art Examination will be notified by Faculty of Humanities and Arts separately.

** Details about the arrangement of Multiple Mini Interview will be notified by Faculty of Medicine separately.

*** The results of interview and JAE (Languages and Mathematics) will jointly be considered and released as acceptance results.


  1. Please refer to "Admission Regulations for Undergraduate Programs – 2021" for details.
  2. For applicants of Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, please refer to the “Admission Regulations – 2021 (For applicants of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)” for details.
  3. For details of the Admission Examination/JAE, please refer to the University Website.
  4. For details of the Program-specific Examination, please refer to the University Website.