Local Students

Application Open for Direct Admission

Course category:

2024/2025 Undergraduate programs


Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Overseas residents

Ways of admission:

Direct Admission (students who are qualified for direct admission*)

Application date:

25 Jan – 19 Apr, 2024


Apply by the Online Application System (OAS) (https://oas.must.edu.mo/admission). Applicants need to fill in their personal information and choices of programs, and upload copies of personal identifications and other documentations.

For more details, please refer to the university website >> Admission >> Undergraduate Programs >> General Information >> Prospectus and Admission Regulations.

*If the public exam result is not yet announced before the application deadline, applicants may apply by the predicted grades issued by their high school/college/institution. Official final grade must be submitted to the University’s Admission Office upon release.