Invitation: “Time to Say HELLO” Online Concert

The day when I joined the choir, I hoped to be heard by everyone.

Though the live performances stopped during the epidemic, music acts as a bridge. The mountain range that stretches from you to me is under the same clouds and rain. The same moon is shining over our heads, never been apart but in one place we remain. The cloud connects you and me, and music evokes our thoughts. I’ll see you in the cloud and say hello to you. The online concert of “Time to Say HELLO”, a special chorus & bel canto performance, organized by CSDO, will be held on November 25, 2021(Thursday) at 7 p.m. online. Sing in the clouds, and the sound reverberates the sky. Please enjoy and feel the charm of chorus & bel canto performance with us.

A day without singing is a disappointing moment in our life. Sound rings for you, and love comes for you. An exceptional online performance, “Time to Say HELLO” will be broadcast on the official WeChat Channel「澳科大文體辦」and Bilibili channel「澳門科技大學文體辦」, we sincerely invite you all to join. For more information, please contact CSDO, Tel: 8897 2050, Email: