Founded in 2000, Macau University of Science and Technology (M.U.S.T.) has rapidly developed into the largest multi-disciplinary university in Macao and is ranked among the Top 250 universities in the “World University Rankings” in 2023 by Times Higher Education. M.U.S.T. endeavors to educate students specialized in various fields, attaches equal importance to teaching and research, focuses on the quality of programs, pursues excellence, and has continuously reached new heights in academic development. The University sits on Taipa with a campus of 210,000m2. The beautiful surroundings and convenient transport render it an ideal place for students to pursue high quality of education and research.

As of today, M.U.S.T. owns the following faculties/departments: Faculty of Innovation Engineering, School of Business, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Chinese Medicine, Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Faculty of Humanities and Arts, Faculty of Medicine, University International College, School of Liberal Arts and the Department of General Education, providing a wide range of courses, including Social Science, Science, Engineering, Law, Management, Business, Medicine, Pharmacy, Tourism, Art, Communication, and Language. M.U.S.T. adheres to its mission, “To promote cultural exchange, nurture intellectual growth, foster economic development and further societal progress”.

M.U.S.T. ushers unprecedented development opportunities and offers a broad career prospect for all kinds of talents. We sincerely welcome talents with relevant working experience to join our team.

Academic and Research Positions

Administrative, Technical and Supportive Positions

Teaching Restaurant Positions