Quality Control Laboratory

With advanced technical equipment, mature and advanced technical platform, and professional technical personnel, Quality Control Laboratory is committed to cutting-edge research on quality control and evaluation technology of traditional Chinese medicines(TCM). It also provides various high-tech services to the industry.

Main Research Focus:

I. Quality assessment technologies for toxic Chinese medicinal herbs, high-valued Chinese medicines, Lingnan medical herbs, animal-originated medical substances, and establishing quality standards, including:

  1. Corresponding quality standardsbased on the chemical composition analysis of medicinal materials and decoction pieces; 
  2. Multidimensional chemical composition and quality control system on Chinese medicines; 
  3. Advanced LC-MS, FT-NIR and NMR technology (Fast chemical composition identification); 

II. Quality assessment technologies and technical standards for Chinese patent drugs and Chinese medicine compound preparation

  1. Quality assessment for high-valued Chinese medicines, toxic Chinese medical herbs, Lingnan medical herbs and Chinese patent drugs based on research on their chemical substances;  
  2. Assessment on the quality and stability of the proprietary Chinese medicinal products by integrating analytical method of “chromatography - mass spectrometry - nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic fingerprint”;
  3. Research on the quality assessment and safety assurance of injections made by Chinese medicinal herbs.
  4. Setting up analytical methods and standards for safe application of Commonly-used toxic Chinese medicinal herbs in clinic.

Quality Testing for Traditional Chinese Medicines

  • Safety Testing: detection of heavy metals, pesticide residues and microbial contamination (NATA certification) for Chinese medicinaldecoction pieces or related products (including medicine, food, etc.);
  • Detection of toxic substances in TCM; 
  • Quality testing of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs and products, including: identification, content determination, fingerprint.

Technical Services for Medicine Development

  • Establishment and drafting of quality standards for TCM products;
  • Improvement of the production process and quality standards of existing Chinese medicinal varieties;
  • Basic research on TCM products, including separation and structure identification of active ingredients and index components, establishment of quality control methods, and design of production process, etc.;
  • Joint research and development of TCM products;
  • Methods for searching, confirming and monitoring allergic components and allergic-like components of TCM injections;
  • Chemical analysis in drug development, including separation and structure identification of drug impurities, chemical purity determination by qNMR and sequence analysis of antibody drugs;
  • Determination of clinical biomarkers for disease diagnosis;
  • Consultation and advisory services for TCM testing, R&D and application.

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