FHTM Students Won the Champion and Popularity Award in the 2023 PATA TALK Competition

Shen Beiyi and Yang Sijia, students from Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management (F.H.T.M.) at Macau University of Science and Technology (M.U.S.T.) won the Champion and Popularity Award at The "2023 PATA Student Talk in Macao" hosted by the PATA MCSC and co-organized by the PATA Macau Chapter held successfully recently. Their presentation topics are: “Sustainable Development: What sustainability practices have been applied in Macau, and how to better continue sustainable development from the social, environmental, cultural, and economic perspectives?” and “Talent development: How to build collaboration between the three parties to ensure that the tourism-related education system is aligned with the needs of the tourism industry?”

Ms. Betty Fok Wai Lan, Head of Destination Marketing Department of the Macau Government Tourism Office(right) presented awards to the champion and popular award to Yang Sijia (middle) and Shen Beiyi (left) from M.U.S.T.

To actively respond to the "Sustainable Development" and "Talent Tourism" guidelines of the Macao Government Tourism Office, PATA Macao Chapter Student Club held an annual tourism theme contest. Continue to deepen the interest of members and students of tourism-related majors in colleges and inspire them to develop unique insights towards the tourism industry in Macao and the Greater Bay Area, understand the development trends of the hospitality and provide them with opportunities, laying the foundation for career paths in Macau and the Greater Bay Area in the future. The younger generation of Macao students can speak their mind in this contest, communicate with leaders in the industry, collide inspirations, and brainstorm different ideas, injecting new vitality into the future development of tourism in Macao and the Greater Bay Area.

Competition Scene (Yang Sijia)

Competition Scene (Shen Beiyi)

The judging panel included: Head of Destination Marketing Department of the Macau Government Tourism Office, Ms. Betty Fok Wai Lan; Vice Dean of the F.H.T.M. of M.U.S.T., Professor Timothy Lee; Director of Marketing Department of Macau International Airport Company Ltd. (CAM), Mr. Eric Fong; Director of Macau Services Division of Shun Tak - China Travel Ship Management Ltd., and TURBOJET representative, Mr. Alfred Ng; Hotel Royal Macau Executive Director and Deputy General Manager, Ms. Jocelyn Wong; Macau Institute for Tourism Studies assistant professor and representative Ms. Doris Ip.

This speech contest received enthusiastic response from students from Macau University of Science and Technology, University of Macau, Macau Institute for Tourism Studies, Macau Polytechnic University and City University of Macau. In the end, a total of 12 contestants made it to the finals. Each contestant gave a wonderful speech on the stage and shared his or her views on the tourism industry.

Group Photo