MUST Social Service Team support the fundraising event of "Oasis Action"

Launched by the Chinese Educators Association of Macau, the fundraising event of "Oasis Action" aims to help children from desertification and remote areas in mainland China and improve the educational environment and the quality of education. As one of the organizers, the MUST Social Service Team supervised by the Student Affairs Office held an "Oasis Action" booth for charity fundraising at the lobby of Block N and Block O on February 22nd and 23rd 2023 respectively. The two-day charity sale of university souvenirs and hand-painted postcards on campus featuring university scenery designed by team members, raising a total of MOP 5,794, all of which will be donated to the Chinese Education Association of Macau.

Fundraising booths at lobby blocks N and O

During the fundraising event, one of the social service team members said that some teachers and students who were attracted by the activity posters chose not to buy charity items but donated directly after learning the purpose of the charity fundraising. Some students also donated money on the day of the charity sale after learning about it in advance. Students' enthusiasm for public welfare activities made them feel that the activities were very meaningful. The event did not only provide a platform for teachers and students to show their love but also effectively helped children in the remote areas. It was very worthwhile for the members of the social service team to make the effort for the event.

The purpose of "Oasis Action" is to encourage teachers and students to pass on the fine virtues of the Chinese traditional culture value in helping others, to make great efforts with little love, and help children in remote areas in the mainland China to obtain better teaching resources and solve their difficulties in study and life through the event.

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