Must Social Service Team Organized "Together We Come" Welcoming Adventure Activity

On October 23rd, 2023, the Must Social Service Team organized the "Together We Come" welcoming adventure activity in N101, with nearly 60 team members in attendance. The activity aimed to foster mutual acquaintance, strengthen communication and cooperation among the teams, and cultivate team friendship and a cooperative spirit.

On the day of the event, the participating members were divided into four groups and competed in five rounds of games together. Before the start of the activity, an ice-breaking game called "Name Chain" was played to foster closer relationships among team members. Amidst laughter and joy, everyone quickly memorized each other's names and faces. The subsequent five games, "Pictionary" ,"Pipe Ball" ,"Heart Knots", "Pass the Hoop" and "Story Chain", further heightened the enthusiasm of all team members. Everyone cooperated with one another and participated in the activity with great enthusiasm. Finally, awards were presented based on the scores of each group, and all four teams received exquisite small gifts.

After the activity, one participating student, Yan, said, “The 'Together We Come' team-building activity was the first time I met everyone who joined the team. We were initially unfamiliar, but we quickly became close friends. Everyone demonstrated a great sense of teamwork in the games, whether it was Pictionary or Pipe Ball. It felt like we were all united as one. I'm particularly happy that new team members were able to integrate so quickly! In the future, the Must Social Service Team will face many challenges, and there may be difficulties. However, I believe that with the strong sense of mutual understanding we have developed, we can lead the team and make even greater contributions to society.” This activity not only allowed the new and existing team members to become more familiar with each other, but also provided them with not only warmth but also a significant number of like-minded partners. With this newfound joy, the Must Social Service Team will be more actively engaged in future activities, working together to continuously improve and strengthen the team.


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