Associate Professor Lu Xiao Ping

Faculty of Information Technology


Office: A319

Tel.: +853-8897 2837


Academic Qualification:
  • 2010-2013 Ph.D /Computer Technology and Application /M.U.S.T
  • 2004-2007 Master/Comp.Math/FDU
  • 2000-2004 Bachelor/Math/FDU
Teaching Area

Open Source Tool for Data Science, Advanced Topics in Applied Mathematics, Calculus, Linear Algebra

Research Area

Big Data; Inverse Problem; Numerical Analysis; Asteroid Shape Reconstruction

Working Experience
  • 2007 -- Present M.U.S.T.
  • 2018.1 -- 2018.3: Scholar Visitor in Department of Earth and Planetary, UCLA, USA
  • 2012.7 -- 2012.8: Short-Term Visiting in Tampere Univeristy of Technology, Finland

Academic Publication (selected)

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  19. Xiao-Ping Lu, David Jewitt. Dependence of Light Curves on Phase Angle and Asteroid Shape. The Astronomical Journal(SCI). 158:220(6pp), 2019.

Research Projects

  • 2011.01 -- 2013.12 Astronomical Observations and Space Exploration of Solar system small bodies (FDCT)
  • 2014.10 -- 2017.10 Observation and Research of Asteroidal Lightcurves with Large Scale Sampling (FDCT)
  • 2016.01 -- 2017.12 Scattering Characteristic Research for Asteroids (CAS)
  • 2017.11 -- 2020.12 The Origins of Asteroids of Different Orbital and Taxonomic Types and Their Space Exploration (FDCT)
  • 2018.12 -- 2020.06 Improvement of calculating photometric brightness based on Cellinoid shape model for asteroids (FDCT)
  • 2019.09 -- 2022.09 Identify and classify binary asteroids by machine learning(FDCT)

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