Faculty Staff

Administrative Staff
Name Position Email
Zhang Du Director duzhang@must.edu.mo
Cai Zhan Chuan Assistant Director zccai@must.edu.mo
Li Jian Qing Assistant Director jqli@must.edu.mo
Li Xiao Dong Program Director xdli@must.edu.mo
Lu Xiao Ping Program Director xplu@must.edu.mo
Wang Wen Min Program Director wmwang@must.edu.mo
Cheang Chak Fong Laboratory Coordinator cfcheang@must.edu.mo
Wong Lai Man Administrative Staff lmawong@must.edu.mo
Leong Wai Chong Administrative Staff wcleong@must.edu.mo
Fong Kit Man Administrative Staff kmfong@must.edu.mo
Ku Lai Ian Administrative Staff liku@must.edu.mo
Wong Ka San Laboratory Technician ksawong@must.edu.mo
Zhuang Jian Xin Laboratory Technician jxzhuang@must.edu.mo
Academic Staff
Name Job Role Email
Zhang Du* Chair Professor duzhang@must.edu.mo
Cai Zhan Chuan* Professor zccai@must.edu.mo
Li Jian Qing* Professor jqli@must.edu.mo
Li Zi Qing* Distinguished Guest Professor zqli@must.edu.mo
Wang Wen Yong* Distinguished Guest Professor wywang@must.edu.mo
Yang Jun* Distinguished Guest Professor jyang@must.edu.mo
Zhou Yong* Distinguished Guest Professor yozhou@must.edu.mo
Zou Zhi Gang* Distinguished Guest Professor zgzou@must.edu.mo
Li Xiao Dong* Professor xdli@must.edu.mo
Wang Wen Min* Professor(Research) wmwang@must.edu.mo
Qian Tao* Professor(Research) tqian@must.edu.mo
Tian Xiao Lin* Professor xltian@must.edu.mo
Tsang Cheung Choy* Professor cctsang@must.edu.mo
Wong Hon Cheng* Professor hcwong@must.edu.mo
Zhao Qing Lin* Professor qlzhao@must.edu.mo
Wan Jun* Distinguished Guest Associate Professor jwan@must.edu.mo
Cheang Chak Fong* Associate Professor cfcheang@must.edu.mo
Feng Li* Associate Professor lfeng@must.edu.mo
Huang Ru Bing* Associate Professor rbhuang@must.edu.mo
Li Dong* Associate Professor dli@must.edu.mo
Li Xian Feng* Associate Professor xifli@must.edu.mo
Liang Yan Yan* Associate Professor yyliang@must.edu.mo
Lo Sio Long* Associate Professor sllo@must.edu.mo
Lu Xiao Ping* Associate Professor xplu@must.edu.mo
Peng Yu Yang* Associate Professor yypeng@must.edu.mo
U Kin Tak* Associate Professor ktu@must.edu.mo
Xiao Xuan Xuan* Associate Professor xxxiao@must.edu.mo
Yang Lei* Associate Professor leiyang@must.edu.mo
Zhang Tao* Associate Professor tazhang@must.edu.mo
Fang Xiao Nan Assistant Professor xnfang@must.edu.mo
Huang Kai Assistant Professor huangkai@must.edu.mo
Jiang Shen Lu Assistant Professor shenlujiang@must.edu.mo
Jin Ming Assistant Professor(Research) mjin@must.edu.mo
Lan Ting Assistant Professor tlan@must.edu.mo
Li Da Gang* Assistant Professor dgli@must.edu.mo
Li Nan Nan* Assistant Professor(Research) nnli@must.edu.mo
Liang Zhi Yao* Assistant Professor zyliang@must.edu.mo
Mai Wei Xiong Assistant Professor(Research) wxmai@must.edu.mo
Subrota Kumar Mondal* Assistant Professor skmondal@must.edu.mo
Pan Yuan Yuan Assistant Professor yypan@must.edu.mo
Tian Jin Yu Assistant Professor jytian@must.edu.mo
Wang Li Assistant Professor liwang-fi@must.edu.mo
Wang Ze Assistant Professor(Research) zwang@must.edu.mo
Wong Chi Chong Assistant Professor ccwong@must.edu.mo
Wu Yang Assistant Professor ywu@must.edu.mo
Yang Jun Xiang Assistant Professor jxyang@must.edu.mo
Ye Ben Assistant Professor bye@must.edu.mo
Ye Zhi Jing Assistant Professor(Research) zjye@must.edu.mo
Zhou Ling Assistant Professor lzhou@must.edu.mo
Reserach Assistant Staff
Name Job Role Email
Lin Xu Xin Postdoctoral Fellow(Liang Yan Yan) xxlin@must.edu.mo
Liu Ye Postdoctoral Fellow(Liang Ying Chang) liuye@must.edu.mo
Zhang Yu Mo Postdoctoral Fellow(Cai Zhan Chuan) zhangyumo@must.edu.mo
Cai Jie Research Assistant shu@must.edu.mo
Hu Song Research Assistant(Li Xiao Dong) shu@must.edu.mo
Ngan Sio Weng Research Assistant(Li Dong) swngan@must.edu.mo

Remark: All assistant professors or above can supervise master students while names with "*" can supervise both doctoral and master students.