Research Team from Macau University of Science and Technology Developed a P3 Laboratory Tested Air Filtration Unit for Coronavirus Inactivation

The research team of Macau University of Science and Technology (M.U.S.T.) has developed a new type of Filtration Unit for Coronavirus Inactivation (FUCI) system, which can inactivate the viruses and bacteria like COVID-19. The product is entrusted to the P3 Virus Laboratory in The University of Hong Kong to carry out scientific verification, and it is proved that FUCI system is able to effectively inactivate COVID-19 with an inactivation rate up to 99.46%. The results show that the system can not only inactivate the virus, but also kill various influenza viruses. The principle of FUCI system is to achieve air purification and disinfection through high-voltage electrostatic interception, high-efficiency ultraviolet irradiation with specific frequency and irradiation amount, hybrid polyphenol coating and other technologies. The Team was contacted by many resort hotels and public service areas of Macao for the deployment and implementation of FUCI system, to prepare for the influx of tourism upon the opening of the borders.

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The FUCI system, co-developed and produced by Zhongshan Humboldt Environmental Technology Limited, a cooperative enterprise with P3 Laboratory, is one of the few air purification disinfectors that have been tested by the authoritative biological safety protection third-level laboratory (P3 Laboratory).

The Team invited Associate Professor Mo Jinhan of School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Professor Yang Zifeng of the State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease (SKLRD) at Guangzhou Medical University (GMU), Associate Professor Alfred Wong of the Faculty of Macau University of Science and Technology, and Assistant Professor You Yan of the Macau Environmental Research Institute of M.U.S.T. to form a technical appraisal team. Since the system can inactivate 99.46% or the virus, it can effectively kill COVID-19 and reduce the secondary pollution of air purification.

Vice-president Jiang Zhihong

Said by Chair Prof. Jiang Zhihong, the vice-president of Macau University of Science and Technology and the deputy director and chair professor of State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine of M.U.S.T., Traditional Chinese medicine polyphenols are used in FUCI system products, which can quickly destroy virus proteins in the system, thereby killing the viruses effectively.

This is a successful case of technology transfer of M.U.S.T. The Team has obtained the great support of the University and the financial support of Zhongshan Humboldt Environmental Technology Limited, enabling it to develop the FUCI system that is now in high demand.

Also present at the press conference were Director Wu Naiqi of Macau Institute of System Engineering of M.U.S.T., Associate Professor Hon Chitin, Chairman Choi Yuk Pen and General Manager Liu Zige of Zhongshan Humboldt Environmental Technology Limited.

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