On 25th May 2021, the Research Centre for Macao History Chinese Academy of History (hereinafter referred to as "Macao Centre") was officially inaugurated.

The Macao Centre is the first research centre jointly established by the Chinese Academy of History and the Macao University of Science and Technology. It is one of the important initiatives to implement the spirit of the congratulatory letter sent by President Xi Jinping to the Chinese Academy of History, and it has an important exemplary and leading role.

The Macao Centre is driven by institutional innovation, focusing on major issues and guided by major tasks. It will carry out joint research on Macao's history and culture, and construct a Macao history discipline, academic system and discourse system with Chinese characteristics; relying on the advantages of Macao's location, it will actively integrate and share the academic resources of colleges and universities as well as scientific research institutes at home and abroad in the field of cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign countries, and organise international academic exchanges and dialogue, so as to enhance academic exchanges among different countries and to promote the development of Macao's history. It also organises international academic exchanges and dialogues to enhance understanding and cooperation among academics from different countries and to increase the international influence of Chinese academics.

The Macao Centre has developed in collaboration with the Institute for Social and Cultural Research of the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST), the Centre of Macaology, the Research Centre of Tong King Sing, and the Research Centre of Chiang Kun Ying, and has published publications such as “Macaology”, “Tong King Sing Studies”, and “Chiang Kun Ying Studies”, compiled works such as “(New Edition) General History of China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan”, and “ Chronicles of Tong King Sing”, and has offered doctoral degree programmes in history as well as an undergraduate general studies programme, and launched a series of academic researches, practical surveys and studies, as well as a series of academic research and practical studies. The Macao Centre is also engaged in a series of academic research, practical studies and social service activities.

Focusing on the positioning of Macao as "One centre, One platform and One base", the Macao Centre insists on combining the inheritance of Chinese history and culture with the adherence to the principle of "One country, Two systems" and the spirit of "loving the motherland and Macao", and to explore Macao's rich historical heritage, cultural connotations, concepts of harmony, and its embodiment of the Chinese spirit, Chinese values, and Chinese wisdom, to strengthen cultural self-awareness and self-confidence, to infuse Macao's long-term prosperity, stability, and sustainable development with academic and humanistic vigour, and to contribute to the promotion of the establishment of a common destiny of mankind and the great renaissance of the Chinese nation by contributing its wisdom and strength.