Professor Tian, Xiao Lin

School of Computer Science and Engineering, Faculty of Innovation Engineering

Macau University of Science and Technology


Office: A217

Tel.: +853-8897 2046


Academic Qualification:
Ph.D. in Science, Peking University (1988)
Teaching Area



Research Area
Image processing and Pattern Recognition
Working Experience
Peking University: Teaching assistant (1978), lecturer (1982), Associate Professor (1989).

Visiting Scholar, Computer Vision Group in Artificial Intelligence Lab at EECS. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. USA (1989).

Research Associate, Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, University of Maryland, Collage Park, MA. USA (1990).

ExperVision Inc.(San Jose, CA, USA) Researcher (1991), Senior Researcher (1992), Director of Engineering Department (1994,).

CEON Corporation.(Redwood city, CA, USA) Senior Software Engineer(1995), Project lead (1996).

SARATOGA Systems, Inc.(Campbell, CA, USA) Senior Software Engineer(2000), Principal Engineer(2001).

Academic Publication (selected)

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