2022 Congregation
Open Day I.MUST
Open Day I.MUST

Schedule and Notes for Congregation 2022

(Applicable for Doctoral Students)

I. Congregation

1. Date, Time & Venue of the Event




June 5, 2022


Grand Auditorium, Block R

2. Schedule




Rental and Return of Graduation Regalia (applicable to those who have rent the regalia)

11:00-13:30 (Rental)

16:00-18:00 (Return)

Room R328, 3/F, Academic Complex, Block R

Doctoral Students registration and receive the Name Card with seat number

(Please present your identification documents at registration.)


Room R327, 3/F, Academic Complex, Block R

Rehearsal for Doctoral Students (with Name Card in hand and dressed in graduation regalia)

13:00-13:30 (Seating)

13:30-14:00 (Rehearsal)

Grand Auditorium, Academic Complex, Block R

Seating of Guests with the “Admission QR code of Congregation for guests”


Opening of the Ceremony


End of the Ceremony


II. Notes

Before Congregation

  • All participants should pay attention to the epidemic information released by the Macao SAR Government, follow the advices as suggested by Macao Health Bureau and pay attention to your personal, home and environmental hygiene.
  • Doctoral students who intend to attend the Congregation should fill in the registration form at WeMust Student APP>Survey before 13:00 of May 11, 2022, to confirm to attend the Congregation, or rent the graduation regalia, and the number of guests to be invited. Students who do not fill in the registration form on time will be deemed as not attending the Congregation.
  • Except for graduates, students who have been invited to the Congregation will be awarded the degree and graduation certificate only after their eligibility for graduation is approved by the Senate of the University.
  • Attire should be decent and tidy, the dress code should be:
    Male students: white shirt, dark neck tie or bow tie, dark trousers, dark leather shoes and graduation regalia.
    Female students: white shirt, dark neck tie or bow tie, dark trousers or skirt, dark leather shoes and graduation regalia.
    Students who wear jeans, sneakers, sandals, slippers, etc. may not be allowed to have the degree conferred onstage. Students are advised to prepare pins for wearing the graduation regalia in good shape. Students who are not dressed in graduation regalia, or whose regalia do not meet the standards, or are not in proper attire will not be allowed to enter the Congregation hall. Please refer to the University website for details of the graduation regalia.
  • For those students who have registered to attend with their guests, the University will send an “Admission QR code of Congregation for guests” to the students through WeMust Student APP before June 2. Students are suggested to print out or forward the QR code to related guests in advance.
  • Guests of the students must enter the Congregation hall with the “Admission QR code of Congregation for guests” between 13:00 and 14:00 (one QR code for one guest). There is no seating reservation by name. Late comers will not be admitted.
  • Guests of the students are welcomed to join this great event. Yet children under age 6 will not be admitted to the Congregation.
  • If typhoon signal No. 8 is hoisted at 10:00 a.m. or after on the event day, the Congregation originally scheduled will be cancelled. Please pay attention to the University’s latest announcement at that time.


Before the Entrance of the Congregation Hall on Event Day

  • All participants should take their own temperature measurement before going to the University. Participants with fever (with ear temperature at 38˚C or above / forehead temperature at 37.5˚C or above) or acute respiratory tract infection symptoms should not attend the ceremony. Meanwhile, participants should not take medicines to alleviate above symptoms in order to attend the ceremony. Participants should consult a doctor promptly and put the mask on.
  • All participants must wear masks at all times, and display the green code of the "Macao Health Code" and "Venue Code" that is valid on the day of the ceremony when entering the relevant venues, and take a temperature check.
  • Participants who are tested with ear temperature at 38˚C or above / forehead temperature at 37.5˚C or above will be asked to rest for about 10 minutes in a designated area before taking the body temperature for the second time. If the participant’s temperature is below the level aforementioned, he/she will be allowed to attend the ceremony.

During Congregation

  • In order to reduce crowd gathering, all participants in the ceremony must follow the on-site instructions on the day and use designated routes and entrances to enter and exit. At the same time, appropriate social distancing should be maintained.
  • Conferment Procedures:
    • Admission and rehearsal: All Doctoral students will be conferred the degree onstage during the Congregation. They must arrive at the congregation hall between 13:00 and 13:30 for the rehearsal. Please be seated according to the seat number shown on the Name Card and follow the staff’s instructions for the rehearsal. Late comers will not be admitted. 
    • Conferment procedures for Doctoral students: Students should give the Name Card to the master of the ceremony to read out, bow to the guests and line up in front of the stage. Students will then go through the procedures for conferment of the degree, receive the Graduation Certificates and turning of the tassel and take group photo with guests. After that, students should go back to the seat as instructed.
  • When the National Anthem is played, all participants must take off their hats and stand upright until the master of ceremony announces their seats.
  • Please switch off the mobile phone and any communication devices during the Congregation. Smoking and eating are forbidden in the hall. All students must not leave their seats or get in /out of the congregation hall without permission.
  • To avoid any interruption of the ceremony, participants must not leave their seats to take photos during the Congregation. Photographs will be taken by photographers designated by the University. Photos can be downloaded from the University’s official Congregation 2022 website page “Highlights” from June 5 to October 30, 2022.
  • After the ceremony, please wait for the officiating guests and VIPs to leave the Congregation Hall first.

III. Rental and Return of the Graduation Regalia

  • Payment method:
    • Potential graduate students:
      - After confirming the registration online, the rental fee will be charged from the student caution fee.
      - For collection of the Graduation regalia in advance, please pay attention to the notice issued by Student Affairs Office.
    • Graduated students who can’t be charged from the student caution fee, please pay through one of the following methods:

      Payment method

      Date and Time


      Charged from WeMust App



      Charged from Finance Office Counter

      (Please show the Campus Card or identification documents)

      25-27/5 & 30/5-2/6/2022


      R102 Finance Office Counter




  • Collect and Return the Graduation Regalia
    1. Collectand Return the Graduation Regalia

      Please show the Campus Card or identification documents and the “Rental Slip” when Collecting and returning the Graduation Regalia. The details are as below:

      Graduation Regalia

      Date and Time



      2/6/2022 (11:00-18:00)






      Remark: “Rental Slip” is not applicable for the students who are charged from Student Caution Fee. Students who are charged from WeMust App will receive “Rental Slip” when collecting the graduation regalia.

    2. Refund of Deposit (Applicable to those charged from WeMust App and Finance Office Counter)

      Students should first return the graduation regalia, then refund deposit at Finance Office Counter with the “Rental Slip”, the detail as below:

      The event day (June 5, 2022)

      Time: 16:00 to 18:00

      Venue: R328

      The first working week followingthe event (i.e. June 6 to 102022)

      Time: 9:30 to 18:00

      Venue: R102 Finance Office Counter

  • Important Notes
    • The graduation regalia include the gown, cap and hood. Since quantity of graduation regalia is limited, please note that we may not provide the graduation regalia with all predetermined size students ordered. We will provide the regalia according to time of order confirmed.
    • The rental fee of the regalia is MOP/HKD 200 with a deposit of MOP/HKD 350.
    • The Rental Slip must be presented to refund the deposit when the graduation regalia is returned (Students will receive the Rental Slip upon payment. Please keep it safe as the deposit will not be refunded if the slip is lost.).
    • Failing to return on time will be considered as opting for purchasing the regalia and the deposit will not be refunded.
    • The paid rental is neither refundable nor transferable.
    • For any enquires regarding to Graduation regalia rental, please e-mail to Student Affairs Office at sa@must.edu.mo.
    • In case of any disputes regarding the rental of graduation regalia, the University reserves the ultimate right of arbitration.
    • Please scan the QR code below to download the WeMust App and payment instructions.
      (WeMust App & Payment Instructions)

IV. The Congregation information

The Congregation information is subject to the latest announcements by the University. Please pay attention to the University website (http://www.must.edu.mo >> Congregation 2022) for updates.

V. Contact Us





General Enquiries

School of Graduate Studies

(853) 88972262


Graduation Regalia

Student Affairs Office

(853) 88971906