International Symposium Series One
“Chinese-Lusophone Relations: China and Brazil”

International Symposium Series One-“Chinese-Lusophone Relations: China and Brazil” organized by Institute for Social and Cultural Research(MUST),sponsored by Macau Foundation will be held on campus on 12-13 May 2014. Experts from Brazil, USA, Portugal, Mainland China and Macau will give papers & engage in discussions on topics including but not limited to China-Brazil Relations in Perspectives, Evolving Roles of Brazil and China in Global Governance, Lessons of Chinese-Brazilian Cooperation and Competition in Trade and Economy, Compare and Contrast the Rises of China and Brazil, China-Brazil Relations and Macau. 

The Opening Ceremony will be at 09:30 in N101 and followed by Keynote Address by Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong, Secretary General of Boao Forum for Asia and former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. The detail schedule is as bellows. 

All staff, students and public are welcome to attend the symposium.


512日(星期一)May 12 (Monday)

N101 Opening Ceremony



N101 Keynote Address 



Ambassador Zhou Wen Zhong, Secretary General of Boao Forum for

Asia andformer Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs


Comment by Professor Maria Cristina Cacciamali, Professor of International Political

Economy and Dean of Faculty of Economics, the University of São Paulo, Brazil

1050-1105 茶歇Tea/Coffee Break


   N101     Panel I: China-Brazil Relations in Perspectives


Moderator:Ambassador Chen Du Qing, former Ambassador of the Chinese Embassy to

Brazil(April 2006-February 2009)


1.     吳白乙,中國社會科學院拉丁美洲研究所副所長、巴西研究中心執行主任

Professor Wu Bai Yi, Executive Director ofCenter for Brazil Studies, Vice President, Institute of Latin American Studies, ChineseAcademy of Social Sciences    

2.     瑪麗亞·克莉絲蒂娜,巴西聖保羅大學經濟學院院長、國際政治經濟學教授

Professor Maria Cristina Cacciamali, Professor of International PoliticalEconomy

and Dean ofFaculty of Economics, the University of São Paulo,Brazil

“Brazil-China Economic Relations: Trade Pattern and China Investment Profilein Brazil”

3.     肯尼思·大衛·杰克遜,美國耶魯大學本科葡語項目主任、教授

Professor Kenneth David Jackson, Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies for Portuguese, Yale University, USA

“Chinese Lyre: Reception of Classical Chinese Poetry in Brazil”

4.     王建偉,澳門大學社會科學學院政府與行政學系主任、教授

Dr. Wang Jian Wei, Professor and HeadDepartment of Government and Public Administration, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Macau

“Sino-Brazil relations in the context of China’s policy towards Latin America”


    N221    Panel II – Evolving Roles of Brazil and China inGlobal Governance



Moderator:Professor Zhao Sui Sheng, Editor, Journal of Contemporary China and Director,

Center for China-US Cooperation of Josef Korbel School of International Studies, the

University of Denver


1.     龐中英,中國人民大學國際關係學院國際政治教授

Professor Pang Zhong Ying, Professor of Global Politics, School of International Studies, Renmin University of China

“China, Brazil and global governance”

2.     卡門·阿馬多·門德斯,葡萄牙科英布拉大學國際關係學教授

Professor Carmen Amado Mendes, Professor of International Relations, the University of Coimbra, Portugal

“Diversifying channels in China-Brazil relations: The multilateralization of the bilateral relationship”

3.     伍向豪,澳門科技大學商學院國際關係副教授

Dr. Anton Wu, Associate Professor ofInternational Relations, School of Business, MUST

“Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan’s Roles in Sino-Brazilian Relations”

1600-1615 茶歇Tea/Coffee Break

1615-1730 議題三:中巴經貿合競

     N221     Panel III – Lessons of Chinese-BrazilianCooperation and Competition

in Trade andEconomy


Moderator:Professor Qian Cheng Dan, Professor of History Department, Peking University

and Distinguished Guest Professor, MUST


1.     本傑明·塔巴克,巴西利亞天主教大學教授、巴西聯邦參議院立法顧問

Professor Benjamin Miranda Tabak, Professor of Catholic University of Brasilia, and Legislative Consultant of Brazilian Federal Senate      

“The efficiency of Chinese local banks: a comparison of DEA and SFA

2.     周志偉,中國社會科學院拉丁美洲研究所巴西研究中心秘書長

Dr. Zhou Zhi Wei, Secretary General, Centerfor Brazil Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

“Economic Relation Brazil-China: Cooperation and Competition”

3.     宋雅楠,澳門科技大學商學院國際貿易助理教授

Dr. Song Ya Nan, Assistant Professor ofInternational Trade, School of Business, MUST

“Comparative Advantages and Trade Complementarity between China and Brazil”      

513日(星期二)May 13 (Tuesday)

0930-1045 議題四:中巴發展模式比較

N221        Panel IV – Compare and Contrast the Rises of Chinaand Brazil

主持人:孫建榮 澳門科技大學協理副校長兼國際學院院長

Moderator: Professor Sun Jian Rong, Associate Vice President & Dean ofUIC,MUST


1.     大衛·裡奇,美國摩斯大學巴西研究中心主任、澳門科技大學特聘教授

Professor David Ritchie, Director of Brazilian Studies of Mercer University, Distinguished Guest Professor of MUST

“Constitutions, Economics, and the Creation of Social Realities in Brazil and China”

2.     卡洛斯·弗雷德裏克·裏昂·羅卡,巴西裏約熱內盧聯邦大學經濟學院主任

Professor Carlos Frederico Leão Rocha, Director of Faculty of Economy, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“Brazil’s Specialization in Natural Resources: the role played by China”

3.     江時學,中國拉丁美洲學會副會長、中國社會科學院歐洲研究所副所長

Professor Jiang Shi Xue, Deputy Director, Institute of European Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Vice President, Chinese Association of Latin American Studies

“Demystifying the China-Brazil Relations”

4.     徐勁飛,澳門科技大學商學院國際政治講師

Mr. Xu Jin Fei, Lecturer of Global Politics, School of Business, MUST

10:45-11:00 茶歇Tea/Coffee Break

1100-1245 議題五:澳門與中巴關係

    N221    Panel V –China-Brazil Relations and Macau


Moderator:Mr. Gary Ngai Mei Cheong, President of Executive Board of Macau Association

for the Promotion of Exchange between Asia-Pacific and Latin America


1.     葉桂平,中國外交學院訪問研究員

Dr. Ip Kuai Peng, Visiting Research Fellow, China Foreign Affairs University

“A political and economic analysis on the service platform for economic and trade cooperation between China and Lusophone countries”

2.     克勞迪婭·裡貝羅·佩雷拉努·內斯,巴西裏約熱內盧FGV經濟研究院教授

Professor Claudia Ribeiro Pereira Nunes, Getulio Vargas Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“How do Brazil and Macau use Electronic Payment to improve Chinese-Lusophone business ralations?”    

3.     保羅·斯普納,耶魯大學麥克米倫中心教授、研究員,澳門科技大學訪問學者

Dr. Paul B. Spooner, Professor & Researcher, YaleUniversity MacMillan Center, and Visiting Fellow, MUST

“Macau & Brazil: in Need of a Strategic Plan”

4.     湯曉雷,澳門科技大學商學院國際金融助理教授

Dr. Tang Xiao Lei, Assistant Professor ofInternational Finance, School of Business, MUST

“Dynamics of FDI flows of emerging and developing economies—Investment relation between China and Brazil in Focus”

1245-1300 閉幕式

    N221     Closing



Co-Chairs:Professor Zhang Shu Guang & Professor David Ritchie