“The Space Exploration Science Popularization Exhibition in Macau, 2014 —Taking an insight of the mysterious Solar System” has been exhibited officially at MUST Campus since September 1st

Event 140902 Sponsored by The Science and Technology Development Fund of Macao SAR (FDCT), and supported by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, the Macao Association for Promotion Science and Technology and several related local middle schools etc., the exhibition aims at enhancing the young students and the residents’ in-depth understanding of the Solar System Space that we all the human beings share existence and letting them further understand the development history of the Space Science Institute (SSI) of Macau University of Science and Technology. On this account, it will improve the public understanding of the current situation of deep space exploration process and progress, and motivate the enterprising spirit of the society and attract the teenagers’ scientific interests of space in Macao.

Contents: More than 300 rare pictures of space exploration, a batch of precious meteorite samples, miniatures of space crafts, videos of space exploration and a vivid 3-D lunar surface formation of image etc.

Venue: Lobby of Building A, floor 1

Date: September 1st- 7th

Time: Access all day

Remarks: Tour guide on site every day at 10:30-12:30