Faculty Staff

Administrative Staff
Name Position E-mail
Ben K. Goh* Dean kbgoh@must.edu.mo
Chu Oi Mei Vice Dean (Administrative) omchu@must.edu.mo
Clarence Pan Assistant Dean cpan@must.edu.mo
Zhang Yang Program Director (Graduate) yangzhang@must.edu.mo
Yang Chieh Yun Program Director (BHM, BFBM) cyyang@must.edu.mo
Feng Yan Program Director (BITM) yfeng@must.edu.mo

Wong Weng Chou, Jose

Program Director (Internship Program)


Chan Mei Lan

Administrative Staff


Sit Weng Sam Administrative Staff wssit@must.edu.mo
Zhang Wenxin Administrative Staff wxzhang@must.edu.mo
CHE KA WAI Administrative Staff kwche@must.edu.mo
ZHENG QI Administrative Staff qzheng@must.edu.mo
Hong Nga Si, Sonia Administrative Staff nshong@must.edu.mo
Zhen Xiner, Christine Administrative Staff xezhen@must.edu.mo
Zhu Qiuchen, Connie Administrative Staff qczhu@must.edu.mo
OU Zhongying Administrative Staff zhyou@must.edu.mo
Academic Staff
Name Position E-mail

Clarence Pan



Timothy Lee

Adjunct Professor  

Pan Su Ying*

Associate Professor


Park Sung Hee, Ally* Associate Professor parksh@must.edu.mo
Yan Li Bo* Associate Professor lbyan@must.edu.mo
Zhang Yang* Associate Professor yangzhang@must.edu.mo
Wong Weng Chou, Jose* Associate Professor wcwong@must.edu.mo
Elizabeth Agyeiwaah Assistant Professor eagyeiwaah@must.edu.mo
Chau Shuk Mun* Assistant Professor smchau@must.edu.mo
Chen Songhong Assistant Professor shchen@must.edu.mo

Chen Yu Jie

Assistant Professor


Cheng Man Tat* Assistant Professor mtcheng@must.edu.mo

Cheng Ting Pong Vincent*

Assistant Professor


Feng Yan Assistant Professor yfeng@must.edu.mo
Hong Fang Assistant Professor fhong@must.edu.mo 
Hsu Fu Chieh Assistant Professor fchsu@must.edu.mo
Lee Hoffer Ming* Assistant Professor hmlee@must.edu.mo
Jaeseok Lee Assistant Professor jaeseoklee@must.edu.mo
Lee Younghee* Assistant Professor youngheelee@must.edu.mo

Liu Ying Ni

Assistant Professor


Lo Yin-Hsi Assistant Professor yhlo@must.edu.mo
Pai Chen Kuo* Assistant Professor ckpai@must.edu.mo
Pan Wen* Assistant Professor wpan@must.edu.mo
Tang Juan* Assistant Professor jtang@must.edu.mo
Xu Ye* Assistant Professor yxu@must.edu.mo
Zhang Su Assistant Professor szhang@must.edu.mo

Zhu Yan Ni

Assistant Professor ynzhu@must.edu.mo
Liu Jing Assistant Professor jiliu@must.edu.mo
Yong Joong Kim Assistant Professor yjkim@must.edu.mo
Yang Chieh Yun Assistant Professor cyyang@must.edu.mo
Hu Xiao Assistant Professor Xhu@must.edu.mo
Eunhye Park Assistant Professor epark@must.edu.mo
Kelvin Zhang Assistant Professor kyzhang@must.edu.mo
Xia Meng Long Assistant Professor mlxia@must.edu.mo
Kwok Wing Cheong Daniel Lecturer wckwok@must.edu.mo
Kan Yean Phinn (Dana) Lecturer ypkan@must.edu.mo
Teng Shu-Peng, Clark Lecturer spteng@must.edu.mo
MARY JUDALEE PESTANO OTE Instructor mjpote@must.edu.mo
Allison Lyon Jordan Instructor lakay@must.edu.mo
Seth Andrew Jordan Instructor jsandrew@must.edu.mo
Part-time Staff
Name Position E-mail
Paul Spooner Visiting Assistant Professor bspaul@must.edu.mo
Kan Man Neng Assistant Professor Manbao@macau.ctm.net
Ling Chun Tung Assistant Professor ctling@must.edu.mo
Liu, Minghui Assistant Professor mhliu@must.edu.mo
Ng Siu Pong Assistant Professor spng@must.edu.mo
Lam Lam Assistant Professor llam@must.edu.mo
Wong Chun Kwong Assistant Professor ckwwong@must.edu.mo
Yung Yee Lee Senior Lecturer ylyung@must.edu.mo
Tam Chi Man Lecturer cmtam@must.edu.mo
Wan Kai Chuen, John Lecturer kcwan@must.edu.mo
Wu, Sao Long Lecturer siwu@must.edu.mo
Zhou Yuantong Lecturer ytozhou@must.edu.mo


Remark: All assistant professors or above can supervise master students while names with "*" can supervise both doctoral and master students.

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