T.Y. Chen (Swinburne University of Technology) Invited to Give a Talk

The FI hosted a lecture on December 11, 2015. T.Y. Chen from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, was invited to give a talk entitled “Metamorphic Testing: A Simple Methodology for Testing Non-Testable Programs”
Abstract: A program is said to be non-testable if the correctness of its outputs cannot be verified. Since non-testable programs are frequently encountered, a challenging problem has been how to test them. In this seminar, we present a simple, yet effective, methodology, metamorphic testing, which alleviates this challenge. Although it may not be possible to verify the correctness of any particular input of a non-testable program, we may be able to identify relations that should hold between certain inputs and relevant outputs, and through the verification of these relations, we are able to test the non-testable programs. Although the concept of metamorphic testing is very simple, its scope of applicability is quite extensive, and not restricted only to software testing. This seminar will cover several aspects of metamorphic testing, including the formation of a theory for metamorphic testing, as well as the integration of metamorphic testing with other software analysis, testing and debugging techniques. Potential metamorphic testing research projects will also be discussed.