Prof. Eric Gregoire (the University of Artois, France) Invited to Give a Talk

April 10-15, 2016

Talk by Prof. Eric Gregoire, the University of Artois, France


Title: Consensus-Finding among Logic-based Agents


Abstract. Computing a consensus is a key task in various Artificial Intelligence areas, ranging from belief fusion, social choice and negotiation, among others. Consensus operators deliver parts of the set-theoretical union of the information sources to be reconciled such that no source is logically contradicted. In this talk, the focus is on a family of consensus operators in the Boolean framework that are maximal in various ways. From a computational point of view, we propose a generic problem transformation that leads to a method that proves experimentally efficient very often, even for large conflicting sources to be reconciled.


Bio-sketch. Eric Gregoire is a Professor of Exceptional Class** at the University of Artois in France. He is the founding director of the CRIL lab (Centre de Recherche en Informatique de Lens) that he has been heading now for more than 20 years and that is one of the most visible European labs on Artificial Intelligence. CRIL is a 50+ members joint research centre between CNRS and the University of Artois. Prof. E. Gregoire holds a Master of Science of Engineering and a Ph.D. from the University of Louvain in Belgium. He has held various positions in Belgium, the USA and France. He has been a Vice-President of the University of Artois and is currently the Principal Scientific Adviser at the French Research and Higher Education Ministry, in charge of the accreditations about the Mathematical and Computing Science domains. The main scientific interests of Prof. Gregoire are fundamentals and applications of AI, covering logic-based approaches to knowledge representation, constraints satisfaction and search paradigms. He has published more than 150 international publications and has participated in numerous program committees of international conferences and editorial boards.


** The "Exceptional Class" rank is the highest possible rank for professors in France and can be bestowed to no more than 10% of all full professors