Research Team lead by Associated Professor Song Qingbing won the Outstanding Report and Outstanding Paper Award

From June 26 to 28, 2021, the 16th International Conference on Solid Waste Management and Technology (ICWMT16) hosted by Tsinghua University, the United Nations Environment Programme and other institutions was successfully held in Beijing Xijiao Hotel. The theme of this international conference is the construction of a "waste-free city", including the general assembly, 3 parallel conferences and 19 online and offline branch forums, a total of 9 UN agencies and intergovernmental agencies, and 208 officials from 34 countries and regions made reports with experts.

Associate Professor Song Qingbin and PhD student Ke Jiachao from the Macao Environmental Research Institute and Master student Long Yuqiong attended this international conference. Associate Professor Song Qingbin gave a theme report titled "Research on the Evolution Trend of Urban Construction Resources Stock and Flow in Macau Based on Material Flow Analysis" at the sub-forum "Management and Technology of Low-Carbon and Waste-Free Urban Construction". Ke Jiachao and Long Yuqiong jointly organized the ICWMT16 student forum at the United Nations Environment Program and the Basel Convention Asia-Pacific Regional Center, and did "Improving the effective solid waste management and disposal through contingent valuation method: A review" (online) and "Characterising the temporal and" Spatial characteristics of urban built environment stocks and carbon emissions in Macao using GIS-based method” report. Long Yuqiong was awarded as an excellent reporter, and awarded a certificate and bonus. At the same time, he contributed a paper “The dynamic Stock-Flow Analysis of The metal and non-metal resources from Urban Buildings at a city scale: A case study of Macao, China" won the Excellent Paper Award. 

Associate Professor Song Kei-Akira Report (on the line)

Awarding scene for excellent presenters and excellent papers (Long Yuqiong is Second place on the right side)

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