2020 graduate students of the Macao Environmental Research Institute visit the Cotai Ecological Reserve

On November 25, 2020, in order to deepen students’ awareness and awareness of the ecological environment of Macau, Assistant Professor You Yan led a team of 2020 graduate students of the Macau Institute of Environmental Studies of Macau University of Science and Technology to visit the ecological environment of Cotai City near the Lotus Bridge in Cotai protected area.

On the day of the activity, the reserve staff led and explained the basic composition of the ecological reserve, the wetland environment, and the role of grass cover plants on the ecological environment. Hundreds of plants were observed and explained in detail. The students and the reserve staff communicated with each other and shared the plants and their medicinal value, planting methods, and understood the natural ecological environment from multiple angles. After arriving at the bird watching area, the students picked up binoculars to observe and distinguished various birds that came to Australia for winter, such as the precious "Black-faced Spoonbill" known as the panda among the birds. By observing the promotional video produced by the Macao Environmental Protection Agency, the students have a better understanding of the entire ecological reserve.

Although the area of the wetland in the city of Macao Ecological Reserve is not large, it plays an important role in maintaining the local ecological balance and protecting migratory bird migration sites. Through this activity, the students had close contact with nature, personally experienced the ecological balance of animals and plants in the environmental protection zone, and shared the green ecology.

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