MUST joins a leading project on information technology in learning


On March 28th, representatives from MUST participated in the signing ceremony for the CLASSROOM 2012 PROJECT at Escola Sao Paulo in Macau.  This is an ambitious project to convert significant amounts of teaching and learning throughout the school to more active, interactive and collaborative learning, providing e-tablets for each student and using sophisticated interactive computer software from, amongst others, Microsoft, Dyknow, Sonicfoundry, H3C and Hewlett Packard.  The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the Macau SAR government, the Head of the DSEJ, the Bishop of Macau, the Macau diocese, US companies, MUST professors, and other dignitaries from Macau and Hong Kong,.  Professors Keith Morrison and Tsoi Ah Chung from MUST have been evaluating the pilot project on this since 2011.