The 19th Macao-wide English Speech Contest M.U.S.T. students won the championship, second and third place in the university category

On November 28, 2020, the final contest of the "19th Macao-wide English Speech Contest and the 26th ‘21st Century’ National English Speaking Competition" was held at the Macau Polytechnic Institute. This competition attracted elites from all universities in Macao to participate. From the audition to the final, it lasted for more than two months. In the end, Wu Mingwei, Deng Yingtong, and Shen Yuqian from Macau University of Science and Technology stood out from the crowd and won the championship, second and third place respectively in the university category of this competition.

left to right: Shen Yuqian, Wu Mingwei, Deng Yingtong and Lei Kai Cheong (Coordinator of the General Education English Program)

The 19th Macao-wide English Speech Contest was held from September to November of 2020. Each year, the competition provides students with a platform for in-depth discussions of important issues of current concern. The competition included auditions and finals. For the preliminary audition of the university category, all contestants needed to record their prepared speeches into videos and submit them to the organizing committee. Many students from our university participated in this competition. Due to the pandemic, the semi-final of this competition was cancelled.  After the audition, 15 contestants entered the final held on November 28, and 6 of them were students from M.U.S.T. In the intense competition of the final round, each contestant needed to give a prepared speech, followed by an impromptu speech and had to answer on-site questions. With fluent English, quick thinking, organizational skills and stable performance, Wu Mingwei, Deng Yingtong, and Shen Yuqian of M.U.S.T. finally won the championship, second and third place in this competition respectively. These three students have always had a great enthusiasm for English speaking. They have devoted a lot of time to practice and constantly improve themselves by combining their knowledge both inside and outside the classroom. The results of this competition also once again demonstrated the achievements of English teaching of Macau University of Science and Technology.

Wu Mingwei

Deng Yingtong

Shen Yuqian