“Chinese Style and International Expression of the World Center of Tourism and Leisure” Seminar by President of China Tourism Academy Dai Bin

As part of M.U.S.T.’s 22nd Anniversary celebration, the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management (FHTM) held the second session of “Seminars by Masters from Tourism Industry” on March 18, 2022, in D Hall and also on Zoom. Prof. Dai Bin, President of China Tourism Academy was invited as the guest speaker and provided an insightful lecture entitled “Chinese Style and International Expression of the World Center of Tourism and Leisure”. Prof. Ben K. Goh, Dean of FHTM, Program Directors Dr. Feng Yan, Dr. Wong Weng Chou, and Dr. Zhang Yang, and more than 300 teachers and students attended the seminar.

Guest Speaker, FHTM Teachers and Students’ Group Photo

Prof. Ben K. Goh delivered a speech and welcomed and praised Prof. Dai Bin as a “superstar” in China's tourism industry. He hoped that students would cherish this rare opportunity and learn from the renowned expert. He also expected that this seminar could spark students’ thinking on “how to construct Macao into a world-class tourism and leisure center” and actively promote the diversified development of Macao's tourism.

Prof. Ben K. Goh, Dean of FHTM Delivered a Speech

From Right: Prof. Ben K. Goh, Dean of FHTM Presented a Gift to Prof. Dai

Prof. Dai Bin Gave a Lecture

At the beginning of the lecture, Prof. Dai listed the investigation and research results of the China Tourism Research Institute on the world tourism industry, which led to tourism laws, strategies, and policies of some developed countries and cities. Prof. Dai made further analysis on the development of China's tourism and pointed out that its tourism destinations have clear goals, which sets the difference between China and other developed countries.

In addition, Prof. Dai also put forward suggestions on turning Macao into a world center of tourism and leisure, a commercial and trade cooperation service platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, and a multicultural exchange and cooperation base with an emphasis on Chinese culture. Prof. Dai also proposed that the China Tourism Academy would like to meet representatives of all sectors of society to cooperate, research, and promote the future tourism and business development of Macao and the Greater Bay Area.

At the end of the presentation, students actively interacted with Prof. Dai Bin in the Q&A session. Prof. Dai Bin has spared no effort to address their questions. Through this lecture, students had a deeper understanding of the development of world tourism from an international perspective, and China new inspiration for the positioning of tourism in the future.

FHTM Teachers and Students Interacted with Guest Speaker

Prof. Dai Bin, Ph. D of Economics, is the President of China Tourism Academy (Data Center for Ministry of Culture and Tourism) as well as the founder of Beijing Hospitality Institute. Prof. Dai is one of the National outstanding teachers who enjoy the special allowance of the State Council. He has presided over many major and key national social science projects and has been awarded the “UNWTO Ulysses Award for Innovation in Public Policy and Governance” twice. His main research fields are tourism concept, tourism economy, and tourism policy; he has published more than 20 monographs, textbooks, collections, and more than 500 papers and professional articles.