Culinary Demonstration Workshop by Chef Gonzalez Hernandez Rodrigo

To celebrate the 24th anniversary of Macau University of Science and Technology (M.U.S.T.), The Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management (F.H.T.M.) organized the "Chef Series workshops". One of the workshops featured "Culinary Demonstration Workshop by Chef Gonzalez Hernandez Rodrigo from The Hong Kong Jockey Club," was held on March 19, 2024, attracted over 50 F.H.T.M. undergraduate students. Chef Rodrigo was invited to demonstrate Latin American Cuisine cooking techniques, he was warmly welcomed by Prof. Timothy Lee, Vice Dean of F.H.T.M., Dr. Yang Chieh-Yun, Program Director of F.H.T.M., Dr. Zhu Yanni and Chef Mary Ote.

Group Photo

Prof, Timothy Lee Presented a Souvenir to Chef Gonzalez Hernandez Rodrigo

Prof. Timothy Lee gave a warm welcome speech to the guests and mentioned  M.U.S.T. has kept enriching the students’ learning and experiences as well as their professional skills through offering or holding all kinds of courses, master lectures and culinary workshops. The university expects that students may have the opportunities to learn from top chefs, to cultivate an interest in the catering industry and continue to delve into this field in the future through these classes.

Chef Gonzalez Hernandez Rodrigo Shared his Experiences with Students

Originally from Mexico City, Chef Gonzalez Hernandez Rodrigo was working since young in different kitchens in Mexico, Argentina, Spain, and China. Living for 14 years in China around 3 different cities, Shanghai, Guangzhou where he was recognized as Chef of the Year for two consecutive years and then moved to Shenzhen and finally Hong Kong where he currently works as Chef de Cuisine of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, in charge of The Pinnacle Restaurant preparing Latin American Cuisine.

Signature Dish: Chicken with Mexican Mole Poblano

Signature Dish: Snapper Ceviche

During the sharing session, Chef Rodrigo demonstrated his signature dishes, Chicken with Mexican Mole Poblano and Snapper Ceviche. The Culinary Demonstration Workshop enriched the students’ knowledge and experiences and enhanced their professional skills in Latin American cuisine, which would certainly be a great treasure in their future careers.