MUST Social Service Team actively supported the 37th Walk for millions

‘Walk for millions 2020’ was hosted by Readers Public Welfare Foundation of Macao Daily News. As usual, teachers and students of MUST enthusiastically took part in the charity sale funding activity. ‘Walk for millions’ started in 1984 and now had become an educational charity feast with the largest scale in Macao. Social Service Team, which was managed by the Student Affairs Office of MUST, set stands for the charity sale funding activity at the lobbies of both block B and block N. Making the best use of their talents and skills, team members designed a series of postcards, bookmarks, card pockets, bracelets etc for the charity sale. Through the efforts for three days, they succeeded in funding MOP 3.956.4 and RMB150 in total.  

Team member Lu Xiwen said that it was her first time joining in the charity sale funding activity. Products including card pockets and bracelets are well designed, which were sold out on the first day. She pointed out that the activity gave her a chance to practice her communication skills. As the activity finished, other team members also mentioned that through the activity, they realized the importance of social charity and they were proud of being a part of it. Moreover, they were also affected by the warmth for charity and the willingness of contributing to it from the teachers and students of MUST.  


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