Students of Faculty of Chinese Medicine and MUST Social Service Team visited ‘Lok In’ Elderly Service Centre of the Women's General Association of Macau

On March 25th 2023, 23 students from MUST Faculty of Chinese Medicine, led by Assistant Professor Lili Yu from the Faculty of Chinese Medicine and Tutor Hou Chi Wan from the Student Affairs Office, visited ‘Lok In’ Elderly Service Centre of the Women's General Association of Macau. Over 60 elderly people were provided with massage services, health tea and health knowledge lectures.

Event Group Photo

The event included massage service, health tea service, and lecture about health knowledge. Dr. Tam Ka Wai, an alumnus of the MUST, gave a lecture on the physical and mental conditions of the senior people, and answered their questions on the spot. With the support of the Cantonese interpreters from the MUST Social Service Team, the Massage group was able to understand the physical conditions and needs of the elderly and provided targeted massage services.

The students complemented each other's strengths and worked together to provide a pleasant experience for the elderly. It was a rainy day, so the tea and beverage team made a Ginger jujube orange peel tea to help warming up the body of the elderly, together with red bean cake to dispel dampness and apples to strengthen the spleen. After experiencing the massage service, the seniors also tasted the rose sage tea made by the Tea and Beverage Group students.

A student from the MUST Social Service Team who participated in the activity said, it was a great honor for him to visit the elderly center. It was great to chat with the elder people, who were about the same age as his grandparents, and it helped him know more their lives. Thought the conversation, It was also very meaningful for them to devote some help to the elderly and to gain practical experience! He looked forward to participating in this kind of activities in the future! Through the event, students were able to apply their professional knowledge acquired in the course and to combine theory and practice.

Event Highlights

Dr Tam Ka Wai introduces post-epidemic conditioning diet for the Seniors

Students from Faculty of Chinese Medicine give massage services to the Seniors

Members of MUST Social Service Team are preparing tea

Members of the MUST Social Service Team are providing Cantonese translation services for the elderly

group photo after the activity

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