MUST Social Service Team and MUST Branch of Best Buddies participated in the activities of World Mental Health Day "Spreading Love through String Art"

In response to World Mental Health Day, showcasing the positive state of mentally recovered individuals, advocating for human friendship and harmony, and jointly creating a harmonious and warm society, Fu Hong Society held the World Mental Health Day series of activities, "Spreading Love through String Art", on October 14th 2023 at the MGM Cotai. MUST Social Service Team by the Student Affairs Office and the MUST Branch of Best Buddies responded positively, sending 12 students to participate in the event totally.

The activity involved the collaboration of community members and individuals undergoing mental rehabilitation in creating a large-scale String Art. Nails were used to shape different compositions, including representations of "love" and "positive energy". On the day of the event, under the guidance of the staff of the Fu Hong Society, the participating students jointly created a String Art called "Love Transmission", which symbolized that the spread and transmission of love needed the public to work together, relax their body and mind, stay away from prejudice, and illuminating the path with love, thus harmoniously enhancing social progress.

After the activity, students of MUST Social Service Team said that the event deeply impressed them with the unremitting efforts and perseverance of the mentally rehabilitated. Connecting love with the "rainbow" line has strengthened the confidence of the social masses to think for others and live in harmony. The theme of this year is “Mental Health is a Universal Human Right”, emphasizes that everyone in society has the right to a healthy state of mind, and calls for inclusion and attention to the mentally rehabilitated. One student from MUST Branch of Best Buddies said that the gain of this activity was not only the joy of teamwork to complete tasks, but also the enthusiasm, vitality and pure joy demonstrated by the dance performances of the mentally rehabilitated during the activity, which made him deeply surprised and touched! Moving forward, he expressed his commitment to facing difficulties and challenges with a more positive and optimistic attitude.

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